Before that, he was involved in many excavations produced in Egypt. He, as you know, was archaeologist. MOM told me that the grandfather found a Queen of Egypt wanted to add to it tell me your grandfather, along with other archaeologists history, what they found an intact stone figure, only the left eye pupil and small fragments of the ears missing. RPtargetId%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards told us the story. He wore a very high Crown of blue color, with bright red, blue and green stones, which assumed that this would be an ancient Queen of Egypt called Nefertiti. I wanted to hear but my eyes were closed, I felt like me going to another place, to the ancient kingdoms of the Nile.

The waters of the Nile were marking the trajectory of our destination, the town of Akhetaton or what we also called the horizon of Aton. Aton was our God, in Egyptian means Sun. Riverbanks is filled with peasants, from the nearest villages. Everyone questioned my origin, it was Egyptian, it was a Queen of Asia before, my pharaonic Crown me pitiable, now would be the Queen of Egypt. It took care of my face showed indifference between those looks so not withdraw importance to the power that I had been granted. Sun started to join us again on our journey and, probably, I could see in the distance several times to Pharaoh waiting for me but was only mine illusions. Remained much reach and my idea fixed represent power was distorting with boredom.

It was then when I checked multiple exotic animals that I found on the ceramics they came to my city were certain. On firm ground and drinking from the Nile could contemplate one another brief appearance of a lion, a giraffe, a horse and a crocodile. None of them trace my presence or if they did it they allowed that it continue happening unnoticed.



In recent years, are gaining increasing popularity of modern methods of wall cladding. Siding Kaycan, Nailite, Vytec, Variform Here’s an incomplete list of those materials, which offer a modern building shops and wholesalers to their potential and actual customers. And it is justified. The fact that the market for roofing materials developed in parallel with the development of the real estate market, and the latter, as we know, today is booming. But not to be trapped and not be left with nothing and as a result of unpresentable looking real estate, it is necessary in general to understand the capabilities and characteristics of various materials.

Comparative characteristics of roofing materials gives you a lot of little useful information about how the result can be obtained by using a particular roofing system. For example, a roof of copper will fly you to a pretty penny. However, in such a material would be present in the longevity of your property. Or membrane roofing. It is good where you want a quick result, the minimum amount of time and money.

It is very important to consciously approach the process of selecting the roofing material. To do this, follow a few simple rules. You should start with this: value for money to be perfect. It means literally: if you buy roofing material for expensive, then the form structures and other materials as part of this property must be of suitable quality, or simply makes no sense to spend a lot of money. The second important rule is compliance with the roofing material of the surface that it will cover. This means that your roof, for example, must make the best fit the chosen roofing material. And the ideal ratio is should be checked before the material is purchased. In other words – do not buy stuff just because you like it. need to take more and suitable for building material. Of course, when choosing the material, you should guided more and purpose of your building. If this is a public building, the approach may be membrane roofing. If you build a thorough cottage in which to live your grandchildren, you should stop the choice on a copper roof. If you have a roof with a very slight slope, choose metal roofing, etc. But we live in a society and must somehow it fit. In the roofing business can be safely given to some fashion. Say, if your circles are orientation to the west, the European construction, European quality, then bravely choose a tiled roof. Why? Just because this material for roofing is a very, very popular with residents of European countries. and to meet them, you can choose a tiled roof. If you are a fan of historical tradition, then you too can find a durable and reliable material. It is well known to all slate. This material is known humanity for a long time and still has not lost its relevance. In addition, manufacturing techniques slate are not static, but constantly improving. Therefore, the slate as a roofing material it is quite possible use even further. Thus, the characteristics of roofing materials, their study and application will allow you to choose the right roofing material specifically for your home, for its construction. After all, it is appropriate under the your conditions of roofing material and is thus an essential component, which ideally will correspond to both external and internal condition of the building.



The main object of the administrative account are the costs (expenses). For effective implementation of administrative problems also adopted to provide these categories of objects, as the cost center (cost center), and media expenses. Cost – value used in economic activities in the reporting period, material, labor, financial and other resources. Costs can be classified as either assets or expenses organization. Here we are confronted with the notion of costs that also must be defined. Often the concept of 'cost' is identified with the concept of 'costs', but these phenomena are fundamental differences and can used as synonyms only in a specific text. Costs represent an outflow of economic benefits during the reporting period in the form of reduction, or use the organization's assets or increasing its obligations, resulting in a decrease of capital, different from the allocation of capital between members of the organization. 1.Po of the identity of the reporting period expenses of the organization are divided into two categories: costs this (current) period; deferred expenses.

Costs of the (current) period – costs arising from the facts of economic activities of the current reporting period and recognized in the income Loss of the period. Deferred expenses – costs associated with business transactions using the resources of the organization undertaken in this reporting period to obtain the possible future income. This Contingent costs because they are not recognized as an expense in the current period and in the profit and loss account. Deferred expenses should be capitalized on the balance of the organization.



On the Internet numerous providers advertise a loan for the unemployed, to be honest I do not understand why, through such questionable credit offers you produce yourself as a provider with security views hardly a business that relates to the unemployment benefit and those who need a loan that needs have good collateral like a high life, or a property, but also a solvent guarantor still be considered to have a chance to have a loan. So who wants to try to still make an application for credit, this can try to be happy, but should nevertheless not make too many hopes for a loan commitment. Particular caution should be exercised before the so-called loan sharks, here are solely those of the already insanely high interest rates, if one still has a flat or a high life, then here is more to speculate on your possession, as loan sharks in advance to schedule the loan, the borrower can not repay certain loan sharks because even given to the unemployed only when high credit guarantees are available. If you then bad luckhas, you sit there at the end and has lost everything. Who wants to become self-employed than unemployed people to get out of unemployment, can hope for with a good concept for a Existensgruendungsdarlehen. If you want to an existing business or a company then you need to take over the bank accounts of the last two years of this business or firm, in order to calculate the bank if it’s worth a capital use in general, and in what amount it is willing to credit . Granting These possibilities are still better than a loan shark to become a victim.