– The second layer. Takes the heat retention. That will represent, this layer of clothing prompt weather conditions and the intensity of the upcoming skating on the board. Modern second layer made of plastic (bottles, which have been processed) in the form of fleece. For assistance, try visiting Rod Brooks. Fleece clothing has become very popular, so it has a variety of colors, forms. Despite the lightweight fleece can be enough volume, based on this, do not abuse them and wear too much. Fleece layer should be thin so that body heat easily penetrate through the pores of the first and second layers of clothing to the third, that will make way for an open pot. – The third layer.

Is protective of adverse events weather. It is believed that the outer layer of the most important because it serves as a powerful protective shield, and does not allow the cold, and water to penetrate to the body keeping it warm. However, this layer alone can not cope with the conservation of body heat. Sometimes you may encounter a serious problem – the pot, doing a waterproof impregnation third layer will not be able to evaporate into the environment. For the first time clothing waterproof fabrics to produce steel for Gore-Tex, and now all the manufacturers do not count. They all comply with alternate layers: outer material (nylon, polyester), water-repellent membrane (deposited or internal), nylon, coated on the inner surface (the layer is not required). Superimposed on top of the outer material "bump", its function is maintaining the membrane capacity to pass air. If a person is able to correctly pick up the layers, these materials do an excellent job with their problems!



Yes, you want to apply the same exercises with weights that and men – muscles have muscles, but in all other men and women are very different from each other. Studies of men and women engaged in 1.5 hours with free weights, showed that men were used as ‘fuel’ glycogen and surpassed the women on this indicator is 25%. And the male body utilizes protein more. But as far as the main ‘sport hormones’, they all worked out for both men and women about equally. Noticing such obvious differences in response of male and female organisms in training stress, scientists have wondered logical question: Do women want a traditional sports diet includes high amounts of carbohydrates? Further research confirmed that women and men during exercise using different types of internal ‘fuel’.

Protein in a woman’s body is not spent on energy needs and does not disintegrate during catabolism. Coaching – it’s a lot of stress, and each is accompanied by the secretion of stress so-called ‘stress’ hormones, which lead to the disintegration of the protein tissues. These ‘losses’ later restored from the growth of the protein of muscle cells, caused by the same training, but if you overdo it loads, then the balance can go out and negative – the muscles will begin to ‘lose weight’. This often happens with male bodybuilders, who have lost a healthy measure of training, but women are, in principle, it is not threatened. The entire protein is eaten by a woman on muscle growth. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Natalie Ravitz on most websites. The total ‘weight’ of the muscles in women is low, so that the protein needs of women involved in bodybuilding is much less than men. Recommended rate of 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of its weight – it’s overkill, overburdening the liver and kidneys.

It can be assumed that the difference in the processes of protein metabolism and leads to a relatively low level of intensity training for women, which is required to achieve planned results. They are not going catabolic, but because they do not need to bend over, stimulating compensatory growth of the protein of muscle cells. Fats considered the worst enemy in bodybuilding, but once the women ‘use’ them as biofuels, whether they want to restrict reception? Scientists believe that we need. The nature of the subcutaneous fat layer thicker in women than in men. So that the more fat a woman consumes, the more they will be deposited under the skin. On the other hand, a woman can not be ruled out fat from my diet completely. Another thing is that we should talk only about the plant, but not of animal fats. Ladies attending the meeting rooms, beware! Advice that you give is not always correct. In any case, bodybuilding, remember: you do not need high intensity and large number of protein, and vegetable oils are required, but in moderation! How to define it? Look at yourself in the mirror. If every month you become slimmer, fat need not measure himself drop by drop! More importantly attention to carbohydrates. Your body they do not really need it, so that all excess will inevitably turn into fat and spoiled you the big picture.



The easiest method resorted to by a street fighter: while one distracts the attention of 'victim' stupid 'bump' talk (the purpose of this conversation – make the potential victim to begin to respond and join the fray), at which time the other (or others) bypass the intended victim from behind and make a surprise attack. This does not mean that the right to your front opponent trying to distract you in conversation, quite harmless (though often chosen for the role of the small and unprepossessing bully), he tries to come closer to you and to strike. This can be either a punch or 'bull' – blow head and forehead. How to resist this: Do not get into a squabble with the hoodlum caught you. In such cases, the person usually feels that it has begun to smell 'roasted', then the first bully who tries to talk to you, to put myself around srazu.Ne give back the second or the rest of the hooligans.

If you are on absurd charges first bully try to answer, it is precisely at this point probably will attack szadi.Ne allowing himself to be circumvented Try to pull the hooligans in the chain is constantly shifting. You will make it easier to running back, as to catch up with you all at the same time it will be impossible (all men are running at different speeds and are in different physical condition). So you can polish off one by one with each bully. Of course, this advice is only suitable for those who really know how to fight, and who could in a few seconds to cut a single opponent. Or else, while You'll fight with one, you catch up with the rest, and encircle the best case you get off serious injuries. If one of a group of thugs determined to offer you to go out 'time to time', this does not mean that fair fight will take place.



People who are a lot of walking, standing or sitting, as well as in sports and training with power loads just need to relax your muscles and give rest to his spine. In this case, it is important that it was a simple, efficient and modern means, using which you will forget about back pain and to relax your muscles after an aerobics or a long walk. You will come to the aid of gravity boots. Gravity, the shoes were designed in order to achieve the correct alignment for discharge back to the bar. Due to this, you will be able to engage in an inversion, without creating additional stress on your spine. Only inversion boots made of leather have such qualities as an extraordinary lightness, flexibility and strength of the material, coupled with the durability and superior comfort during inversion. Dual buckle with buckles are equipped with double lock system for added security.

Gravity boots are made of genuine leather, which is used for prosthetic parts. Very sturdy and reliable material environmentally friendly, which guarantees flexibility and ease of wear. Soft foam seal thickness of 1.6 cm for maximum comfort with minimal inversion. Just a few minutes of such training in day and you forget about back pain and spasms caused by overuse of muscles, stretch your spine and get incredible flexibility Gravity boots are recommended for use by doctors and successfully used in many countries. UNIVERSAL boots are suitable for users with different sizes of ankle and shin. Inversion is a natural way of stretching the spine, where the opening of joints, bearing in his entire weight of the person in conjunction with the force of gravity. At a time when the body rolls over and dies in this state, the force of gravity produces spinal traction, resulting in increased distance between the vertebrae, thus decreasing pressure on the discs and nerve roots.