The valley of Kathmandu seems very well-known and everybody that travels to Nepal knows very well what is going to visit there; it has read because it in forums, in a tour guide, or has said in the agency to it But the valley of Kathmandu is much more that this, is full of places of which people never speak, located sometimes to only hundreds of meters of more famous others, and than they emphasize because its life passes other people’s to the tourism, with its intact traditions and their charming inhabitants. Unlike other places, that way the tourists do not take a walk practically never with their knapsacks and their cameras, and this note immediately when happening: the kind glance of people, the typical one watched of the inhabitants of the Nepal, direct to the eyes, without fear, peculiar, is what it emphasizes more in these corners forgotten the valley of Kathmandu, and gives all their enchantment him. We are very customary to the visits strictly speaking to Bhaktapur, of course precious, patrimony of the humanity by its architectonic value, worthy Patan, Changu Narayan, places by all means of a visit. But from soon there is more, and this is very difficult that travel agency can find a conventional it. Many premises not even even know some these places and hidden routes in the valley.

For example, many know that one of the interesting visits concerning Hindu religion is the temple of Dashin Kali, and all without exception go there using the tourist bus to make the visit. What they do not know is that from a place to the South of Kirtipur, in the outskirts of Kathmandu, it leaves a caminito through the mountains that crosses forests and traditional towns never visited by the tourists, and that arrives at the same temple after a day of way. And to the return, instead of to take the bus with conditioned air from return to the capital, because not to follow by a nontourist route, observing the life of people in the field, happening through a brick factory and discovering the life of Tharu workers who come from the South with his wifves and children to gain something of money to survive a year more? In the valley of Kathmandu all this and much more is possible, and it is in your hands discovering it or taking advantage of the consulting services like ours, YetiViajes, to prepare your adventure to the Nepal and to enjoy it not like a tourist, but like the true premises..



It does not make sensible to run bigger risks at this moment. The tax of interests still is interesting and goes to continue interesting for good anos' ' , it affirms the president of the Sabesprev. Jose Sylvio Xavier.Para to base this affirmation, Xavier remembers that the current goal of the institution is of INPC more 6%. That is, the nominal Selic of projected 12,30% in the Focus research, of the Central banking, for the end of 2008 still it would take care of this goal, exactly considering an inflation in managing volume of 5%.O of providence of the Sabesprev, Cesar To sound Barbosa, it adds that below of this nvelde interests could start to have a dissolution of marriage with the current goals. But it ponders: ' ' it will be that in a economy with lower interests, the atuariais goals also will not be others? In the same way, it will be able to have a calmer and safe scene to enter with more force in the stock exchange or other investments as private equity and venture capital.

It is difficult to imagine this now, because much thing can mudar' ' , Barbosa comments. It also remembers that the Brazilian legislation imposes many rules to the institucional investors. ' ' Many restrictions of investments that exist today could more be reviewed in a economic environment tranqilo' ' , it affirms Barbosa.Se, exactly in fall, the Brazilian interests still are interesting for the national investors, for the foreigners reveal each time more attractive. According to partner of the Risk Office, Marcelo Rabatt, is not only the actions of the Committee of Monetary Politics (Copom) that they are forcing the pension funds to look other assets. ' ' This is also happening because it has new and powerful players in the public bonds market of long stated period. The foreign investors are very aggressive in the purchase of NTNDs for example.



In the final months of the year 2007 the community of Cerro Navia knew the financial difficulties affecting the Municipal Corporation of Social trading Development, an entity under the municipality, responsible for managing the Health, Education and Children programs in the township. The Corporation recorded a deficit in its 2007 financial year, close to 1,300 million pesos, this reflects a significant increase in the historical debt that carries this entity, for several years. Similar situation affecting the majority of Municipal Corporations, companies along with all countries, as is common knowledge (Source newest daily Second, reporting to municipal debt, Wednesday December 6, 2007). In this regard, they give background information and point out some important issues around this problem. In particular, interested in highlighting the number of initiatives were launched to benefit the community, as far as Education, Health and Children is concerned, from my tenure as Secretary General of the Municipal Corporation. Causes of Deficit (and no loss of resources) The Municipal Corporation during the year 2007, ceased to perceive, just in grants, over 500 million pesos for the year 2006. The municipality, even declaring education as a priority and ‘community development engine’ contribution, until November 2007, less in real terms than the previous year. It contractual adjustments facing the Corporation staff, delayed for years. dman. It amplifies the historic under-funding of education, there are the same schools (and financial obligations) and have lost over 20 of account students in public schools (pillar of revenues). The city funding for health and education does not meet the State’s subsidy delivery, municipalities, is insufficient to meet the minimum demands in education and health in the population. In education, for example, which produces the greatest difference between what goes into banking and what resources consumer should be spent. A fox news guest interviewer is a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slamis a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slam Therefore, the educational system is in crisis, said so students throughout the country the year before. The economic model and political system have failed to address accounting inequalities and needs of the population in Cerro Navia and in all communes financial in Chile with corporation problems of structural poverty. The municipal education is in crisis and this is an undeniable truth. It is noteworthy that municipal politics has continued Cerro Navia, in banks defense of public education. But good intentions are not enough to improve the situation. For years, municipal intake was increased but the quality (perceived by the community) do not improve. After the ‘shake-penguin “until May 21, President Michelle Bachelet made major investment announcements: the increase in the general subsidy (15 ), new grant preferential equity targets and protected from the most disadvantaged, and the creation of a fund millionaire to improve municipal management of education. Albeit belatedly, these ads have begun to come true.



The example of this has the recycled materials, oreflorestamento and the use of biocombustveis. In 1997 the Rio+5 at a time happened where the maiorpreocupao was the global heating and its objective age to minimize with urgnciao heating. In this proposal the Protocol appears of Kyoto, a document in queos rich countries had assumed the commitment to diminish the estufana emission of gases atmosphere, mainly the CO. This appears mainly for two grandesmotivos: The fsseis fuel burning (oil for the industries and carvopara the automobiles) and the forest fires. In the year of 2000, the document would have to be ratified ecolocado in practical, but U.S.A.

had not signed. Other great countries poluidorestambm had not signed on account of this position. Brazil, however, foipioneiro, for its preservation politics and mainly for its interessesnos carbon credits. With the time, as basic partners for this process, the ONGs (ALONE Atlantic Bush, WWF, Green Peace) had certified the society epressionaram the authorities. Some countries had adhered and the protocol passed to aviger in 2005 with validity up to 2012, however U.S.A. had not yet signed, quecaracteriza a great which had problem, the influence generated for the country.

in January of this year was concluded the conference of Bali, was determined that in three years new document will be made negotiations for the elaboration deum that will substitute the protocol of Kyoto in 2012. In this way many events had given force for one novomodelo of consumption. With the concept of sustainable development adequacy and ambient qualification appear mtodosde. AMBIENT MARKETING With the study of the profile of the customer the one that if intends alcanarobtm the ecologically conscientious consumer. After that planejaro is necessary /servi product o on the basis of its especificidades, thus looking for, takes care of necessity of the customer, its yearnings and to satisfy it the maximum. Valrio (2005) appraises Ambient Marketing as: A modality that it aims at to focus the necessities ecologically conscientious deconsumidores and to contribute for the creation of sustainable umasociedade.



In 73, It sings to sleep star plus a success film and abandons of time palco of theater. One dedicates only to the cinema and the charities. In 1975 the Oscar earns as. In the following year he is married the cinema director, Richard Greenbush. In 81 the couple travels for Brazil. In this flight, the airplane of Richard suffers one pane and falls in the sea next to Salvador, in the Bahia. Together with Nina and Richard, travelled the secretary of Richard, Michel Jacques.

In the fall of the airplane, only Richard and Michel save themselves. The pilot and copilot die and the body of never Sings to sleep was found. Alvaro arrived the Guaratuba at the three hours of the afternoon. Olavo Gutenberg liveed the side-sea. When the servant received the youngster, took it directly for the deep ones of the residence. Gutenberg was in the orchard, seated in a chair reading a book to the shade of the trees. On a wicker small table, to the reach of its hand, it had a glass jar with orange juice and two cups. Leaned in the table it was a cane and of the opposing side, a chair.

Moved, Alvaro complimented Gutenberg to who admired for the work in the journalism. – He feels yourself. The chair invited Gutenberg indicating. – Made good trip? – Yes, without problems. The old journalist served juice for the two. Alvaro emptied the cup and deposited it on the table. – How he is my old Murilo friend? – Well, he ordered one I hug. – He continues ranzinza? – Much, but is a professional competent, and honest. – I agree. For backwards of that steel mask if it hides a velvet heart. Gutenberg made a pause and asked: – You read the dossier of You sing to sleep Lancaster? – I read.