To succeed in our mission of communicating emotions, I recommend not get carried away by the momentum of the occasion, and much less if the emotions are overwhelmed or out of control, probably say or do things of which we arrepentiremos certainly, for this reason to pause and remove us temporarily until calm waters is an essential condition for being able to carry out a communication that we could label of effective, and non-violent. Then that a conscious effort has been made by quieting the emotions, is vital to get in touch with them and identify them to be able to express to the party involved in the communication process what we feel at that time at the rate of the event or circumstance which caused it. You can make use of pen and paper, write a letter to the person involved to which you have to express your feelings, in first person, this allows you make changes that you judge convenient before express yourself or send it, since it is valid any medium that we use to tell the other that it was what we feel, and how we love, with all the transparency and sincerity, and I respect, as needed. Sometimes, it may happen that the person is not ready to understand, nor understand your feelings or emotions, but we must stand firm to communicate what we feel, because, even though it may be that you for the other party such feelings have no reason of being, neither exist for us if they do, and the other party, if really is committed to that relationship, and you want a true communion and understanding, you will open your heart and your mind to try to understand the feelings of that person, to then proceed to give feedback that it considers necessary, right from your point of view, in the first instance through the dialogue and intelligent discussion, of two people committed to a common goal, improving the quality of the relationship, with the purpose of reaching agreements that both parties win, that the issue is what’s the relationships, play to win – win or simply there is no treatment.



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Dades the Valley of the Dades Valley, also known as the Red Valley or Valley of the thousand Fortresses, is an impressive natural formation to the South of Morocco full of lush oasis villages and contrasts with the immense blue Moroccan sky. The region gives a feeling of fairytale it seems unreal in its old charm, where countless shades of vivid reds, Greens and whites will remain without a doubt engraved in his memory. To leave behind Boulmane Dades they shall enter into a world where rocks, meat of the mountain, is close to both sides before opening again on an emerald area covered of green grass, Red Earth and beautiful houses. Through the entire Valley winding roads take you of people in town, some of them hanging from rocks above the river while others lie next to its fresh and murmurantes banks. Between a village and the next, countless and imposing fortresses and fortified ksours, some in ruins and others that preserve still reminiscent of his former greatness, they enliven your imagination with legendary romances, rivalries between clans and legendary historical events. One of these fortresses, the Citadel of the former reigning heads Glawi, occurs at the entrance to the Valley as an invitation that evokes a gloria from another time. Additional information is available at Rio- Tinto Diamonds. The Valley narrows surprisingly and gradually calm will reign while the wonderful nature unfolds along the spectacular scenery.

The drama of the Dades Valley reaches its zenith just before Ait Oudinar, where the mountains turn and caracolean producing unique and eccentric formations of an intense red colour that intensifies even more as they are penetrating into the interior of the Valley. Since there is no regular transport, they will need your own vehicle or hire a taxi to go to the Valley of the Dades. The nearest place where to get a taxi is Dades Boulmane, located about 300 kilometers from Marrakech. To visit these two wonders of the nature of Morocco, the best choice for your accommodation is staying in Marrakech, of easy access and has excellent transport connections. There you will find all information, equipment and advice that they will need for their rustic adventures. Once in the ochre city may stay in one of the stunning hotels in Marrakech or in one of the charming and typical riads in Marrakech. Also they may stay in one of the Super villas in Marrakech, closer to the natural wonders of this fascinating country.