I’ve left for you end the hydrangeas, I call them my plant reference, as are our indicator of lack of water, they are some of the first plants in marking the lack of water, in addition to shortcomings of micro elements, like for example iron, iron chlorosis is one of the most typical and identifiable, since leaf turns yellow but the venation remains in a Tome light green, safe we we’ve all seen it more than once. Regarding the trees that we planted and as well as in the bushes you can opt for a large number of them, but in this case I would like to highlight, some that are a bit more special for me: * Albizia julibrinssis var. Rosae, is a striking tree by its pink color in summer bloom but also its composite sheet gives very striking sensations at the moment who are moved by the wind. 002653%2CVSRPtargetId%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards. Its ramifications are often warped and its elegant foliage is assimilated to the fern. It supports perfectly be planted next to the sea. * Liquidambar stryraciflua.

This tree is one of them that they should not miss in a garden, this tree is large therefore is not very suitable for small gardens, but its winged trunk, its large palmate leaves, and especially its intense red color before losing the sheet, they are very nice since in winter the majority of trees the leaves change to yellow and then fall, not so sweetgum that change to a deep red before falling, so contrast is something amazing. * It betuna pendula alba (birch). In contrast with the previous of this tree in addition to their slenderness we must emphasize its immaculate white trunk, which is slowly peeling, is striking above all for children, since they checked in a fast and simple way that trees have life and that each variety is different from another, especially for these small details.



It is almost always due to lack of high ambitions, noble aspirations, as enthusiasm, effort and perseverance, willingness and a reason that gives meaning to! to existence, so it fails those who forget live blinded by the stunted ambition to hoard riches and honors emphasis noted, which is easy to unmask the pernicious and boundless ambition of legitimate and laudable ambition. The first comes marked and defined by the selfishness and desire without measure from hoarding riches, honours and power to Yes, no matter by what means, admitting cheating, bribes, injustices. The other one is an enemy, a competitor to whom I have to cheat. I must be smarter and more perverse than him to snatch what you have and add it to my credit. The second is a noble ambition that has as a well-defined class mark the generosity and the good of others. In addition, we are reminded balanced ambition makes that the individual always exceeds itself in a spirit of generosity that makes you set new goals.

It is convenient to avoid two extremes equally pernicious: on the one hand, the cowardice that is wary of the chances of the other and drying any motivation, because the will is not educated by you to insistent repetition of acts (this could be simple training), but with clear ideas that become profound convictions, ideals on the other hand, we must avoid the agonizing hipermotivacion, which prevents the individual best performance of its possibilities definitely must be attentive to know face the ambitiondetermine its weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats, consider that the ambitious open hand of a safe and promising present in pursuit of an uncertain future. Consider as CITES Fernando Vigorena, the ambitious them like taking risks, changing the truth by the uncertain. But it is necessary to recognize that excess of ambition, as in all things, it is always dangerous and moderation is a synonym for intelligence ambitious people are driven by a powerful desire to change things to her around, and also his own fate during the process. Where Others observe obstacles, they see an opportunity. Ignore the old and have courage to explore what’s new. They think big and filled with enthusiasm with the innovations and different and better ways of doing things.

Must not forget some interesting phrases about the ambition that provide interesting reflections and lead to determine its scope as: learn to limit your ambitions; a fatal delusion is sigh for what cannot be. J. Darius Bikoff gathered all the information. Pindar well knows that ambition can both fly like crawl. Edmund Burke Churchill the ambitious up stairs high and dangerous and never worry about how he is going to lose. Desire to upload aborted in him the fear of falling. Thomas Adams not to be forgotten that us lego Mother Teresa of Calcutta: the suffering of some may be caused by the ambition of others.



To deny job, to act with preconception at the moment of the election, to complain of the lack of professional qualification and to discriminate during the admission process they are situations that portray the profile of the empregabilidade for people well with deficiency in Brazil. ' ' law of cotas' ' (Decree 3298/99) she has been relegated as the plain one, while the law prevails of each one for itself, of the preconception and the discrimination. This constatao easily is identified by the institutions that they deal with the empregabilidade of the people with deficiency. It is truth that on factors to the preconception and the discrimination are not the only ones, but certainly contribute of decisive form for the alarming number of people with deficiency dismissed in our country. The descumprimento of the laws can be explained by the privatized notion of the right that the Brazilian possesss. Here, the people have always some personal justification to burlar or to disregard the laws.

The necessity of each one is above of the rule of law and therefore, the laws so are disrespected. Thus thinking, the employers and professionals of the empregabilidade sector find that the legislation and the fiscalization of the work are unjust, therefore do not take in account its personal or enterprise problems. This form to think and to act is contradictory, since the law of the quotas exists to protect all the social systems, enclosed here. Companies, employers and its chairmen. Unhappyly, in our society, still it is habit to only think about the punitive character of the law and to use the Brazilian celebrity jeitinho to run away from its fulfilment. Exactly those that fulfill the law of the quotas, to a large extent make it with ideals Same those that fulfill the law of the quotas, to a large extent make it with filantrpicos ideals and not for having of citizenship.