The main object of the administrative account are the costs (expenses). For effective implementation of administrative problems also adopted to provide these categories of objects, as the cost center (cost center), and media expenses. Cost – value used in economic activities in the reporting period, material, labor, financial and other resources. Costs can be classified as either assets or expenses organization. Here we are confronted with the notion of costs that also must be defined. Often the concept of 'cost' is identified with the concept of 'costs', but these phenomena are fundamental differences and can used as synonyms only in a specific text. Costs represent an outflow of economic benefits during the reporting period in the form of reduction, or use the organization's assets or increasing its obligations, resulting in a decrease of capital, different from the allocation of capital between members of the organization. 1.Po of the identity of the reporting period expenses of the organization are divided into two categories: costs this (current) period; deferred expenses.

Costs of the (current) period – costs arising from the facts of economic activities of the current reporting period and recognized in the income Loss of the period. Deferred expenses – costs associated with business transactions using the resources of the organization undertaken in this reporting period to obtain the possible future income. This Contingent costs because they are not recognized as an expense in the current period and in the profit and loss account. Deferred expenses should be capitalized on the balance of the organization.