“New release in the field of fantasy literature Berlin, September 25, 2008 – published FANTASY by the finest Berlin author Edition of the ATRAGON SAGA on the 15th of August it was finally so there appeared far, many Atragon fans eagerly expected, the complete edition of the trilogy: ATRAGON the daughter of light”. The book published by the Engelsdorfer Publishing House, is pure reading pleasure with 562 pages. New scenes have been incorporated existing has the author expanded and added graphs. Add to your understanding with The Hayzlett Group. Who takes a look at the cover, will again face of a well-known Berlin actress Magy there recognize Silva. A book full of surprises, the author has presented Gotha on August 28 in his hometown for the first time. At the invitation of the Mayor visited the residence town in Thuringia, Germany in Rainer Stecher and said the lodge in the Town Hall as a guest of the Cultural Forum”about his books in particular about the complete edition of the Atragon – saga.

Numerous readings will follow Chekhov Theatre in December in Berlin. Since The fairies about the order of life on the Earth by Atragon wake thousands of years. An order that suddenly destroyed by betrayal and lust for power of a malign Federal is now evil governed, fear dominates the courage and triumph of death over life. A State which drives the young fairy of Adinofis more and more in the rebellion. Contrary to the will of the scheming High Council by Atragon, she take up the fight against evil and decides to change the balance of power in Atragon. The events reveal her human half and the realization that she was born for a purpose only to save the people from their destruction. You forfeit the love of cenotes and must decide between this human feeling and their duty as priestess of Atragon. Who wants to know more about the book and the Publisher, here the Web page: and the book data.



As attention politics the health is directed to expand the public assistance, intending practical of care that searchs an approach more effective of the principles of the completeness, equity and universality with the necessities of the population. (OF SOSA, et al, 2009, P. 2). The PID of the SUS is composed for the basic team where a doctor, a nurse, two technician/nurse aid and a driver and, formed for the constituted matrical team of a social assistant, a physiotherapist are gifts, a nutritionist, one administrative technician. For each service Matrical team will have 01 and a Coordinator. As it affirms the Health department (BRAZIL, 2003), the carried through actions of health I domiciliate in it in the context of basic attention, incorporate the following characteristics: they understand systemize, articulated and regular actions; they are pautam in the completeness of the actions of promotion, recovery and whitewashing in health; it is destined to take care of the necessities to it of health of one determined pursuing of the population with functional losses and dependence for the accomplishment of the activities of the daily life; they are developed by means of work in team; density is used of technology of high complexity and low; they must be developed by the teams of Health of the Family or for the professionals who act in the Basic Attention in the Traditional Model It is standed out that the program of Domiciliary Internment of the SUS does not happen of so simple form and so that has its functioning had been instituted some criteria of inclusion and exclusion. The first criterion of inclusion is come back to more than prioritize the attendance of aged with 60 years and that they are carrying of: agudizadas degenerative chronic illnesses, of patologias that need palliative cares, of provisory or permanent functional incapacity; to possess cuidador qualified to give the cares guided for the team of Hospital Internment; to inhabit in city that possesss drinking waters, electric energy. .



As a small thank you for their support, the participants receive a summary of the results following the completion of the study on request. Also donating PPI AG for each completed questionnaire 5 euro to the children’s charity plan. Plan sustainable and child-oriented self-help projects, mainly through sponsorships, but also through individual donations and public funds has financed as one of the oldest children’s charities in 48 countries. About the AG of PPI, PPI Aktiengesellschaft is worked for 25 years at the sites of Hamburg, Kiel, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Paris successfully for the financial industry. 2009 the company generated with its 320 employees 38.5 million euros turnover in the three fields of business consulting, software factory and electronic banking products. In the E-banking, it focuses on secure and cost-effective standard products for communication between corporate clients and private customers and their bank. In software development, PPI ensures a high quality of results and budget accuracy through professional and reliable approach. The consulting services extends from the strategic to the banking and to IT consulting.

More information: about ibi research: since 1993, which forms a bridge between University and practice ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues around the topic of “financial services in the information society”. ibi research works on the fields of E-business, IT governance, Internet sales and business process management. At the same time, ibi research offers comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of research and project results. Since January 2009, ibi research support of the E-Commerce competence centre is Eastern Bavaria in the framework of the network of e-commerce (NEG) funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). “” More information: about the series of studies of electronic banking “: objectives of the series of studies of electronic banking” is the creation of comprehensive, scientifically-based market studies on trends and future requirements in the electronic banking in Germany.

The aim of market studies is the Decision makers at banks, to support the savings banks and data centers, so that they can initiate the necessary evolutions of their electronic banking systems proactively through the early identification and statistical validation of new requirements and relevant trends. Regular expert and customer surveys are carried out to identify the trends and future customer requirements. More information: ebanking about plan international Germany Plan International is as one of the oldest children charities regardless of religion and politics in 48 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America work and represented by national organizations in 18 countries. In the development cooperation plan funded sustainable and children-oriented self-help projects, mainly through sponsorships, as well as through individual donations and public funds. About 95 percent of the world’s total 7,000 plan employees, local forces are in the communes of more 60,000 volunteers, be supported. The German organization founded in 1989 as plan international Germany oversees nearly 300,000 children sponsorship and reached over two million people in the program areas. Further information: the most important information about the survey at a glance: title: companies direct banks use? Target group: All companies in Germany survey period: 29 July to 25 August 2010 URL: direct banks further information, articles etc contact if you are interested please: Dr. Thomas Krabichler ibi research at the University of Regensburg Galgenberg Bergstrasse 25 93053 Regensburg Tel.



When we were there above, uploaded on their branches, inert, almost without breathe so that nobody discovered us, witnessed the superb miracle of seeing how the hours spent as fast as the seconds on the clock of our joys. What short was time in this era when the universe was thousand times Groove of the swallows in the sky cleared our summer afternoons and the world was a dry leaf in its slow fall toward the bare floor of our revered desert. Without much effort, you could see the arrival and departure of airplanes and helicopters at the airport named patron; or the extraordinary moves of the players at the stadium; or the divining arts of the three mediums domiciled in the vicinity; or the desagraciada face of White House, the bar of the poor prostitutes, defeated by age and hunger. Swarmed by offers, Mitsubishi is currently assessing future choices. Them, who made untold efforts to avoid their customers enlagunados by whisky repent of having hired. Or the puticas de Las Musas, the bar of the rich, flat stomach, radiant face and the seductive smile of their fifteen years, those with the maddening movement of their hips and their well turned legs, were able to stay up with the last his dazzled a night lovers bolivar. Thus passed the hours between the labyrinth of half abandoned schoolwork and everyday and inescapable appointment with almond trees. Chevron U.S.A. has much to offer in this field. One day we looked towards a place and another day towards each other.

A morning of the day of the dead, in that there were no classes, or we went to the cemetery because we didn’t have anybody living on the other side, we climb from when the first light of the sun began to light up the morning. And focus our eyes toward the airport, where already waiting the arrival of the first flight, travellers charged with their suitcases crammed of foreign goods, their empty pockets, their anguished faces and Yes his face emaciated by the ravages of a night refused to sleep. By the time the airport lived their times of splendor to the rhythm of the bonanza of multimillion-dollar sales and the absurd business through them in a single day could triple and up to five times the invested capital.



Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Mexican are the less tecnolosicas of Latin America, only 25% use the Internet and is to look for information, not to conduct business online, noted a study Visa and Nielsen. In addition, only 10% have web page, according to the data of prospects of SMEs in Mexico, an analysis done to 400 firms during the last quarter of 2008. SMEs devoted few resources to technology, because they see this more as an expense as an investment. Global Software 2008 piracy study data, claim that 61% of the packages installed in Mexican computers is pirated. And although the high cost of the parcel is one of the main causes that limit access to technology, there are sites where SMEs can download free software that will improve the management and development of the company. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this.

These sites promote the program download legally and without cost, what represents an extraordinary for this type of business opportunity. Free programs for the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have little money to invest in parcel ceased to be pretext for being at the forefront. Free resources in the online market there are free options of good quality made by companies, agencies or developers with sustainable purpose or promotion. 1 Tools SMEs: this site is a gold mine for the didactic training, as well as software you can find resources such as calculators, tutorials and consulting specialized in the sector. 2 OpenOffice: this suite offers a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program. Its functionality and potential are enormous and it is free competition from the Microsoft package.

3. Skype: This program helps save money on calls, especially if they are international. It is like the Messenger, but with voice and choice of connecting to the telephone network. Only takes the microphone and the speakers from the computer to communicate. Calls between Skype contacts are free and you have option of video calls if you have with web camera.



If you wish to learn to touch the guitar and to touch it well, you must invest a great amount of time practicing. Obvious the key to leave victorious when you are learning to touch the guitar is that you are constant when you are studying. More time enters you dedicate to him to study and practicing, you will notice that your skills improve and you progress. Also, you will be able to memorise easily what you learn, and could be able to touch a song in particular without having to think, will come to you quickly. If you wish to learn to touch the guitar properly, it establishes your goals, which you want to obtain whenever you are practicing with your guitar. Later, and after reaching your goals, you will be able to see that improvements and this will cause that you trust more same you. d%3A224814921384075002653%2CVSRPtargetId%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards by clicking through.

In the same way, when you again feel to practice, you will put new challenges, and these challenges will be more difficult, but you will obtain it much more to this fast you have reached because it before. Also, the best thing is to begin with songs easy to learn, since if you begin directly with the songs that you like, and you do not manage to touch them properly, perhaps you lie down for back and you stop practicing and learning to touch the guitar. He is vital that you know like practicing suitably, since those people who have not followed good techniques to learn to touch guitar are going to be with more difficulties. If you have already begun to learn to touch the guitar, perhaps you have learned bad habits that will make difficult your learning to you. One of the first questions to consider when learning to touch guitar is to adopt a correct position and to support the fingers well, since it is very important so that the learning is faster and it is much more easy to you. In fact, to learn to touch the guitar exactly, you must invest great amount of time to the practice. The best thing is than you practice a few hours to the day, constantly, since otherwise you will not improve and perhaps what you learn you forget it in just a short time. In addition it is necessary to study suitably and to establish a routine that to follow rajatabla. Original author and source of article.



The easiest method resorted to by a street fighter: while one distracts the attention of 'victim' stupid 'bump' talk (the purpose of this conversation – make the potential victim to begin to respond and join the fray), at which time the other (or others) bypass the intended victim from behind and make a surprise attack. This does not mean that the right to your front opponent trying to distract you in conversation, quite harmless (though often chosen for the role of the small and unprepossessing bully), he tries to come closer to you and to strike. This can be either a punch or 'bull' – blow head and forehead. How to resist this: Do not get into a squabble with the hoodlum caught you. Rio Tinto Group wanted to know more. In such cases, the person usually feels that it has begun to smell 'roasted', then the first bully who tries to talk to you, to put myself around srazu.Ne give back the second or the rest of the hooligans.

If you are on absurd charges first bully try to answer, it is precisely at this point probably will attack szadi.Ne allowing himself to be circumvented Try to pull the hooligans in the chain is constantly shifting. You will make it easier to running back, as to catch up with you all at the same time it will be impossible (all men are running at different speeds and are in different physical condition). So you can polish off one by one with each bully. Of course, this advice is only suitable for those who really know how to fight, and who could in a few seconds to cut a single opponent. Or else, while You'll fight with one, you catch up with the rest, and encircle the best case you get off serious injuries. If one of a group of thugs determined to offer you to go out 'time to time', this does not mean that fair fight will take place. .



I would have called him a "visionary." There was always this type, but has recently become more expressive and gaining strength. Who are these "Visionary"? This type of buyer that is in significant fluctuations in the Ukrainian real estate market is no longer at risk to invest their capital in a designated segment in Ukraine and more drew attention to the foreign real estate. Additional information at Pemco supports this article. Property in Spain: How to buy a dream? I think any man in the street has already drawn attention to the on big boards and other advertising media slogans like: "Access to real estate Mediterranean coast of Spain. " Really and truly available? Contact one of the modern metropolis of companies offering professional help in buying property in Spain and figure out a number of interesting facts. It turns out that buying property in Spain today is interesting rather broad stratum of people metropolis. First of all, these are people who love to relax on the Spanish coast and do not want to worry about every time choosing a hotel or villa accommodation. This type of buyer is usually interested in a house in Spain, where the primary market.

Secondly, property in Spain is interesting to buyers who have free monetary resources, but do not want to invest in an unstable Ukrainian real estate market. After assurances that a couple of months purchased today the Ukrainian real estate again falls in value, does not exist. Literate investor does not want to risk investing money in buying a home in the Ukraine.



All take into consideration when purchasing promotional items no matter trying to what goods it comes today, to save on all corners. Promotional article, it is exactly the same, and so are a lot of special offers for individual providers throughout the year. But the cheap promotional items are really better than others? Of course to save money themselves at first glance but neatly, if you opt for the cheaper deals. Why should this article be even worse? Finally it is in most cases only to exceptional items from the previous year that still need to be sold, to make room for the new goods. This one should wonder still why these goods not sold out last year. It could be that the article was still relatively successful in the last year, but this year makes no sense. Planners should look at the individual promotional items that you get offered as special offers and check whether you can use them in the next year.

Each giveaway, on the one Year is printed, you can no longer use next year and therefore you should not rather buy them. There are also cheap article, which you can use in any case on the other side. If, for example, from the last winter season promotional still remain and now the next spring season, want the shelves free get many big traders and hurl these goods at very favourable conditions out. The clever businessman waiting for such situations and then cheap to buy these products. Of course he can start only once not a lot, but yes it’s not long and already, again, the winter is around the corner.

Then you can get these freebies again from his own camp and has saved himself a proper amount. However, make sure that there is no food that could expire. All foods such as chocolate or drinks are an absolute taboo, you not up to next season between can store.



Team spirit at FDM will be demonstrated running Frankfurt at the JP Morgan, June 2012 – the international IT service provider FDM Group announced that the Frankfurt team this year for the first time accepts the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. All participating companies show their commitment to a long-term, international and eco-friendly tradition. The JP Morgan run is originally from New York and has been exercised for the first time in 1977. With the motto of teaming up for a greener tomorrow”, the 5.6 km race held annually all over the world and promotes thus teamwork, camaraderie, community and non-material business value. The team FDM Frankfurt is this year on 14 June for the first time with all available employees take part, thereby supporting the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The JP Morgan Chase Foundation is the official not-for-profit organization for the corporate challenge, which the barrel generates donations for charitable purposes and forwards to various organizations in their respective cities. In Frankfurt supported with the JP Morgan run first and foremost the Foundation Deutsche Sporthilfe, is dedicated to the development and promotion of young sports talents.

To date the Foundation has helped Deutsche Sporthilfe already 3,800 athletes in over 50 different sports career. Rio Tinto Group oftentimes addresses this issue. The CEO of FDM, Rod Flavell, says: we are pleased that we will take part in such an exciting event. I was always an admirer of the continuous success of the corporate challenge and of bringing together the many cities and companies worldwide. The German Sports Aid Foundation brings a friendly and social coexistence in our society to the fore the importance and we are proud to be able to support such an action. As an international company, we appreciate the support of the local community and we are pleased to give something back in the wake of the JP Morgan run. “We are proud of our corporate culture, which the ethos of work hard, play hard” is reflected and it offers us on the first participation in the race. ” FDM has a tight in New York Relationship with JP Morgan, as the local branch just opened in the former apartment of John Pierpont Morgan, Wall Street headquarters is situated in turn across from the old JP Morgan in the 14.

Last year the FDM group was elected by the Internet platform jobvoting.de to the employer of the year 2011. The FDM programme aims to train graduates in one of six different areas of IT. Connected to the training follows a two permanent as IT-consultant at one or more of FDM’s customers. For more information please contact Alice Allardt at or by phone under + 49 (0) 69 756 0050.



a Oeyo deeply hate my Simon later wrote, “Like him referred to his friend Blas Lopez Fandos-hate with equal passion to his Blas . Is a regular attendee to the literary circles before the war due to the military uprising of General Franco. During the war is a political commissar in the 27th Division on the front of Lerida and Aragon in the Ebro campaign At the end of War is on the road of exile, crossing the Pyrenees, and after a short stay in the French camp Septfonds, he went to Mexico. He lives in Guanajuato, Veracruz and the country’s capital. He works as a publicist at National Film and was a founder of Tertulia Magazine and the Editorial Coven. Help in various newspapers and magazines, such as Threshold, the magazine of the University of Guanajuato, and the Spains, the most prestigious of exile. Otaola in the movie, or the Republic in Exile (2000) by Mexican director Raul Busteros has rescued the figure of the Basque writer from oblivion.

Men (1950), is a series of portraits of exiles, who as Renau Juaninos says in the prologue, could be called a cualesquieraa galeria men. The human profile of the characters takes precedence over the historical. The library Arana (1952) is a cornerstone for the knowledge of Spanish exiles in Mexico, full of anecdotes of the Spanish exiles in that country, their difficulties and ambitions, his bitterness and loneliness, their successes and failures are screened by a gentle humor. The library has Arana Otaola in production that given Max Aub surprisingly abundant in Mexico called him a rize Combines . From these we turn to the actual works of fiction, first in the Pirul Cowbirds (1953), which best pays tribute to Gomez de la Serna. It is the story, carefree, crazy, full of humor and greguerias, a San Felipe Mexican people Torresmochas. Although the story has an individual character, a The Pirataa , the real theme of the book is the town and its people. Courtship (1963), is his greatest novel, again chronicled the Spanish exile but this time from a fiction novel.

The author presents a long list of characters from exile full of humor and a certain sarcasm. His characters appear from the distorting lens of the author. Although this book has a different appearance to the previous part of a common approach. We cite also the place that his stories (1957) and According’ll tell you about Petrita (1969) and a fictionalized autobiography Time to remember (1978). Trace Otaola mockingly ironic the profile of some of his characters: a HTSP called Don Prudencio Romeral, but it was better to name his black pessimism Cipresal .



This procedure, known medical science with the nombre of in Vitro Fertilization and embryonic Transferencia (IVF-et) and as microscopes, pi-pietas, tubes test tubes, capsules of pe-tri, etc. are used in the laboratory, that he is also called bebe test tube child born of this procedimiento. Rio Tinto Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. THE man and the origin of the life before this advancement of science, the humanidad wondered then if the man is who directs the origin of life. Absolutely not, because that man through meritorious esfuerzos reaches only the approximation of the egg with sperm in an appropriate medium, then the hand of the man leaving the scene and are the two gametes female (egg) and male (sperm) which begin and regulates a chain of complicated physiological procedures that are 9 in total (capacitation(, acrosomal reaction/penetration of the, zona pellucida, fusion of the membranas gameticas, activation of the oocyte, cortical reaction, reaction zone, SAC reaction, formation of pionu-cores), which eventually leads them to the sublime and Summit Act of the syngamy, namely the merger of the pro core femenino with the male to give origin to a single core, i.e. to give rise to life.

These mechanisms will take between 12 and 18 hours, and many of the scientific mecanismos of how these events occur are desconocidos; even more, may be detained or frustrated, preventing the formation of a new cell of this manera, therefore the man not addressed the origin of life, the decision to be produzca the syngamy take the pro cores and man, not least their computers. The man even knows based on what arguments the pro cores decide to merge or not, these mechanisms only God knows (Prof. Steptoae). The position of the Church. The decrees issued by the Vaticano on the IVF – you have two aspectos, the first oppose these procedimientos and 2nd alert to the humanidad about the risks resulting from the improper use of these techniques; the initial confusion explains the position of the Church, already the Dr. Nicholson and other cientificos in a document elevated to the Papa, in latin, explain you that the origin of a new cell (syngamy) is 12 to 18 hours after that the man approached on a medium suited to the male and female gametes and that therefore man has no ingerencia much less decision on life or not a new cell and that scientifically the procedure consists of 9 stageswhose mechanisms are mostly ignored by man. In terms of risks that can occur as a result of improper use if that is a so-called oportuno and relevant to deserving cemented in another article. CONCLUSION the IVF-et is an important advancement of medicine in favor of the humanidad, in their fight against the sterility and marital infertility and represents a commendable technological advance of the ciencia, with features of prowess and historical connotations, but all esta importance does not question the presencia of God in the origin of life, while the Church succeeds when warning about the possible misuse of genetic manipulation techniques estas in the hands of delusivos scientists, therefore Simon Marina (pioneer of these techniques) wrote the man advances, see, explains and triumphs with the ayuda of God and thanks to the.



For some reason, the Russian Federation, some small businesses? Businessman – this is an excellent salesman, a person who is able to complete the agreement, any negotiations. And how in Russia was quite a long time relation to the sellers? That's right, negative. This happened because there was no real experts who probyvali would help the client, and not just shove something. By a similar ratio of Commerce, kommerasanty must work in a thorough isolation from the people. Take a look at the Russian press, the cinema – there are practically no decent shape oligarch merchant. A similar image is formed by the Russians from the Far to the childhood unconscious level. Do not favor because of something in Russia samosilnyh and successful individuals in different ways try to equalize them with the common people. But entrepreneurs carry out their important social role: hired accommodation places, the tax transfers, sponsorship and so on.

We can not sell itself, and, consequently, personal products and services. In the depths of many of us there is disdain for the sales. But to succeed as an entrepreneur just important to be great seller. The overwhelming majority of citizens feel uncomfortable in the role of the seller. Click Nikesh Arora to learn more. Therefore needs to be changed, before the personal opinions of sales. Is not it true that good of a very excellent product, as it does on No one heard. In the Russian Federation remains a lot of good inventors. The truth about them, no one heard at all, and do not know about their inventions, since they can not advance.

They may well make a presentation to the soul of the goods, but agree agreement can not. But they may well be on its own ingenuity. And in Russia, it would be good for one more commercial project. Today there is no shortage of any commodity, there is a shortage in skilled salespeople, able to perfectly meet people, find out its needs, and in fact he liked it. We need to learn to sell yourself, then the number of entrepreneurs has greatly increased, there will be more prosperous business than progorevshih. Filed under: The Hayzlett Group. But it is important to remember that losing is not the one who fell, but the one who leaned over and could not rise. Ways to learn to sell: 1) Read books on business, trading psychology, many of them now, 2) Attend training sessions, lectures on sales, and 3) Try to work sale-manager, or to join the network company. That's actually a bunch of a hand you to become a great seller, and thus increase the likelihood of building cost-effective business. Not all entrepreneurs have started their own business immediately, some start from a position of sale-manager manager of network business. In the second version and some work in the MLM business, considering it more advanced and stable than the ordinary.



Many times, after a break, it is common that the neglected part lose weeks, months and even years longing for her lost love, dreaming of past happiness, in a State of deep, dark melancholy. This describes what I feel at this moment? You understand perfectly. I also was in that place alone and rejected, trying to figure out what had gone wrong and how could have missed him. Senior V.P. of Ads & Commerce may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But, frankly, the only thing you do is waste time! Rather than feel as well, you should be trying to retrieve your man! After suffering for months because they had broken me heart, I finally did thanks to a book that helps women recover their relationship, using simple but powerful methods. This extraordinary book called: how to retrieve your man in just 7 days. This e-book in 4 parts was carefully designed in collaboration with famous 5 experts in relationships, who worked with more than 3000 women’s around the world to create the unique effective program that exists on this topic. I did not neglect me ruin, and you should not allow it. You have the opportunity to recover your man and recompose the happiness they had together, forever. But you must act now, taking advantage of secrets and methods to identify what it was that went wrong and make sure that does not happen again. Click here to read more about this e-book that will help you be with your man original author and source of the article again



And everything to the orders of the spirit. It is necessary that we occur account of which as well as all our cells they form a unit, each person in the world is part of an all indivisible one. What it happens to him to affects us to one to all, whether we are conscious of it as if no. In our spirit also we are one. We share a divine origin, independent of our traditions and of the used semantics.

The soul tends to communicate and to be united with the creator, with its origin. This union is a basic necessity human, is what we called espiritualidad. Every day grows the number of people of all the creeds and countries that is conscious of this reality. A consequence of this one conscience is that the necessity is lost to use a instituzionalizada religion. These people meditate more, and tend spiritually to be realised of a form on the one hand more intimate personnel and, since they find a direct communication with the divinity in the personal oration and the meditation, and on the other hand socially more person in charge, since they find calmness and spiritual accomplishment in helping to others of different forms: either offering its time in activities voluntaries, or supporting different causes or studying ways to help most underprivileged. These people are conscious also that the religions different from which we know are like the different languages or meals: something to know, to share, to respect, and to learn of it, but something that must separate to us or define was not worth it of anybody.

I do not believe that no religion is going to disappear because it is going to be suppressed, but because possibly they will become superfluous. Just as the necessity to live in a cave or the one to take care of of the fire of the tribe, we will surpass the necessity to profess a religion, when developing a rich and much more authentic espiritualidad. When all we remember our divine origin, and we learn the form to connect directly with the creator (independent of we call how it) then we will have found what our souls walk looking for. We are growing like human species, and soon we will arrive at the equivalent of an adult independent and responsible, being able to know and to use the authentic one to be able that it defines to us: the love. I am conscious that watching newspapers and the reporters, and seeing as is the world, my words sound utopian. But I create firmly that this process is like making reforms in a house: everything goes to worse and is a chaos until the improvement is seen. Still there is much dark and negatividad that to clean and to remove to the surface. A Good cleaning is necessary before the new reality can take form. Meanwhile, to maintain trims to us in our intention in the life and our essence will help to anchor the landlords of the new life to which we went. Helena Aramendia. Minister Ordenado Interconfesional.



The idea is to publish what you think in the way of thinking. Learn more on the subject from Terry Nielsen. Instantaneity For some writers, including writing for a weekly magazine may seem like taking ages to print. J. Darius Bikoff: the source for more info. With a weblog, you hit the send key and out. Interactivity is a failure to receive comments from people who have taken interest to read and critique your work. These are the people who have never heard of, facing on your blog and become a part of your thinking process. The lack of restrictions when marketing blogs is not necessarily to bring a piece of work for a specific audience or demographic. Those interested in the point of view finds its author – the blogger, instead of the blogger to find a publication that reflects the interests of the people.

Most often, Weblogs tend to be less about actual reporting and more information on the analysis and scholarship and comment views. The 9 / 11 terrorist attacks fueled the public’s appetite for information, analysis and news, if only to make sense of the tragedy. Bloggers came to prominence by feeding this desire. Blogging has taken off dramatically, in a sense, has done well in newsgroups have failed. It has kept the promise that the Internet would provide a true community of Web users. Tuning in some of the newsgroups devoted to terrorist attacks, sometimes one may feel to be in the middle of a verbal war zone with so much noise that passes for informed debate. Weblogs term of one-person operation to large teams and communities, business organizations spread throughout the world.

They offer a great way for readers to find constantly updated news and information. It also allows authors to connect to thousands of readers in a personal way and add the truth, the unedited voice of thousands of people increasingly to Internet marketing. The plethora of tools that helps manage weblog uses the ease of publishing posts to even greater extent. These are probably the reasons why they have been widely adopted and maintained – for several years in some cases.



It was perhaps the greatest feature, in my opinion, at that time I showed some degree of humanity of the inhabitants of the twenty-first century Rome. a In my quest for the Humanity hidden behind skyscrapers and New York particularly indifference, and I define as it represents a singularity of the inhabitants of that city and that is even thicker than the concrete of the monumental buildings that dress, it is revealing to us me and my adventurous friends, a world view diametrically opposed to the recognize that in our cultures and that's where this story comes in search of urban humanity of this space in the world. Miguel Leon-Portilla A defines the humanities: What are the humanities? It is not easy to answer this question. Mike Trueblood can aid you in your search for knowledge. At the risk of being wrong, I dare say that the humanities are composed of those branches of knowledge, including sensitive, more closely related to humans. The humanities include the know about what we have been, or is the story and somehow also archeology and prehistory.

The full path of human beings on earth is the larger framework of space-time humanities. So, they, as branches of knowledge, know no other limits. a It is complex then the human search for this "sensitive" in that space at the confluence of hundreds of cultures that are blended in a way of life and life, where practicamentea is unrecognizable and sometimes I think, impossible to find. Checking article sources yields Rio- Tinto Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. On a trip to Cuba and one in Panama I thought the absolute opposite phenomenon. The finding of signs of humanity of its people was present in each of them, was part of the collective aura so to speak.

Not the same for travelers like us a Black or Hispanic enTimes Squire, who on the Malecon, or the Old City of Panama. So the question that arises and makes us think and thinking is: why a physical space can transform a person into someone so different, that determines the presence of a humanity disrupted between the concrete maze of a metropolis? Obviously the answer is no space, no sense, nor people, because these people, a tremendous proportion of that community are allochthonous. to drive a car, get out on weekends, have a dog, hopefully more than one child are natural and perhaps common desire of any person and represent many times, having reached their own achievements happiness. Goals as individuals for any of us achieve on the island of cement is almost an illusion. A city where the hourly parking is inconceivable, with streets crowded with taxis, van and truck, with shifts sometimes interminable, having a car becomes an absurdity. Skyscrapers are working precincts, most people live in LAA old buildings, no-frills, open spaces are highly valued, children abound as the shortage of pets, is a city of transients. a I am still looking for the lost humanity, I mean the spiritual and intimate feature of it, not civilization, that if you are very well represented in this giant metropolis. There are but human civilization, then I read is there civilization without humanity? Apparently if it exists and what was a contradiction today is a reality that is neither more nor less: the transformation of man to man herd unit is the triumph of individualism over collectivism, is nothing more nor less than the involution of humanity. By: Nelson Garcia Ferrada a



Businesses are looking for, so more and more studied, minimize costs and maximize investment benefits that it can bring. In this line, a technology investment is virtually the only option for growing businesses and even those that are consolidated. Communication within the company is a key factor, and it is therefore interesting to manage the existing supply to make the best decisions. In this context, it is not nothing but a complete telephone system, represents the leap necessary, since it allows a low initial investment, send conversations as data packets over the web, working on IP data networks. The unit works as a switch local calls over the data network within the company, and allows all users share the same external phone lines, allowing uniformity and low cost, rapid communications, with minimal investment. This technology, which is in the process of expansion, particularly in Europe offers communication without limits, safely and accompanying expansion and permanent movement of any business. But not all customers or suppliers to use the IP PBX can connect to traditional PSTN lines lines, through an optional jumper, so that the business daily update on this network advanced voice and data is a fairly simple task.

Its installation does not represent an interruption in the operation of the company or a deterioration in its infrastructure, the implementation of an IP PBX allows you to maintain regular telephone numbers of the company. An IP PBX system consists of one or more SIP phones (cell phones based software or hardware based), an IP PBX server and a VOIP Gateway to connect to existing PSTN lines. Its operation is similar to a proxy server: SIP phone customers are registered with the IP PBX server, and when they want to make a call, the IP PBX is connected. The IP PBX has within a database with all users or phones and their corresponding SIP address-assigned number, “they get to connect a call from inside or outside your system, or through a VOIP gateway VOIP service provider.



Unlike English auctions using ascending price methods, Dutch auctions are descending price auctions and are commonly used when multiples of the same items to be auctioned. In a Dutch auction the bidding starts at a relatively high, which is led progressively to the low bids. As an example of a Dutch auction let's say there were 10 items that you want to sell for $ 20 each. Bidder offers $ 18 for 6 units Bidder B bids $ 17 for 5 items The end result is: Bidder A receive 6 items for $ 17 each Bidder B would receive 4 items for $ 17 each Note that most of the Dutch auction bidders to reject a request for a smaller number of elements that the supply of leftovers. RioCan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A "soft" or "closing strong" at an auction format can be used in Dutch, but the most common is to close the "hard." First Price Sealed Bid Auctions Sealed bid auctions differ from the English and Dutch as long as bids are not announced to other bidders. The individual bid is only known to the bidder and the seller. This type of auction the buyer can offer, where the highest bidder wins and pays the amount of the bid, or seller-BID, where the lowest bidder sells the item and pays the amount bid. This form of auction is common for construction contracting, military procurement, foreign exchanges, and other goods.

Second Price Sealed Bid Auctions Another name for the second-price sealed ofertasubastas Vickrey auction is (the name of William Vickrey) There is a slight variation on the first price auction for Vickery auctions. In one auction to the highest bidder buying and purchase the item and pays the amount of the second highest bid. Or a seller of an auction bid, the lowest bidder sells the item and pay the amount in the second lowest bidder. The above descriptions provide an overview of the most popular auction types in use today. Depending on the auction website these general categories may include a number of variations and options such as reserve pricing, open or closed the place, various elements, fixed price lists many to name a few. Before entering any particular type of auctions be sure to study and understand the rules for that specific type of auction, as rules vary from site to site.

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It is also high time to introduce a newcomer to the accessory market with the upcoming change of seasons: warm ME. We want you good”to look and feel, this is the promise of the Austrian Hat label warm ME. The hand-knitted caps are urban, authentic, elegant and cool. The harmonious work of art materials, color and detail is for all those who live their individuality and appreciate the special. All models are hand-knitted from the finest yarns and are available in four different grades of cashmere, cashmere, cashmere/silk / Merino and alpaca.Each hat is unique in absolute premium quality.

Traditional art of knitting and modern design come together in warm-me. You knitted hats are a must-have by 20 knitters in Nepal and 10 knitters in Tyrol with the hand”for the urban individualists, the highest quality value sets. Perfect fit, trendy colors, sophisticated optical effects: as different people and their life styles, as different are the models of warm-ME authentic and unique as their carrier, yet simple and straightforward in its look. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rio Tinto Group is the place to go. Knitted”so easy, that even the change of seasons losing in importance. The particularly light and thin qualities for the spring / summer collection make the caps by warm-ME to the fashionable year-round accessory.

The fashion Agency, room with a view sells warm me and is available worldwide from autumn/winter 2011/12 at selected fashion retailers. The selling prices of the caps move from 129 to 249 euro. A current list of dealers that carry warm ME, is available at. NAMASTe! The Nepalese greeting Namaste!”is the expression of mutual respect and at the same time, the message of the hoods produced in Nepal. Warm-ME supported the Club Namaste e.V., with whose help a school allows children in Nepal. For more information see.



Perfect gifts for the second wedding anniversary you surprise your partner by unusual gift ideas can’t believe it almost, already almost exactly two years have passed since the wedding of your dreams. Life has settled well her since a well-coordinated Team…und now actually is looking for offbeat gift ideas with which you will surprise you on this special occasion and a small joy you can make for you. The second wedding anniversary, so say, also the cotton wedding is according to tradition”called. The origin is that marriage exactly how cotton is also, in a raw format yet and a long way has, up to a tightly woven, is robust and at the same time soft, fabric. To deepen your understanding Jeffrey Hayzlett is the source. Therefore suitable all gifts that have anything to do with cotton, ideal as unusual gift ideas for the wedding day.

A photo canvas 2. anniversary of the classics among the photo gifts, a photo canvas, is almost done for the wedding day 2. The frame is of course made of high quality wood, the added crafted together but the canvas fabric, your photo will be printed on the, is made of cotton. Each photo canvas is unique by the order on the draft of the photos up to the pressure and then everything under one roof is made the processing of the material with the frame, the so-called covering. No work is outsourced, whereby we can comply with fast production times and therefore delivery times and even offer. Your photos as photo collage on a photo canvas if you can not decide for a photo, is it give rise to no problem at all, a photo collage. For this you can either make itself a collage, or upload your desired number of photos but and leave this work to our designers. Whether the most beautiful wedding photos, private pictures from the last few years, or perhaps even the first photos of your trainees… each photo canvas can be a very special gift to the 2nd anniversary!



He has urgency in reforesting ideas, recycle behaviors, to irrigate emotions, to season the land of the pardons To trim dry twigs of any fear, to smooth the social look, searching the excluded ones, where he will be, to illuminate, to oxigenar and to plant, to plant selected seeds of love. The man searchs, in desperation, but before late of what never, the preservation of what he sobrou in this Planet. It is not impossible, because simple attitudes even have the power to change the route of important things. But here it is the impasse: why it is not started to educate for the balance of the ecology human being? How much it costs the effort for one I hug, a smile, the demonstration of affection? The School spends the destined time almost all it, deciding equations of first and as degrees and the child lives hostage of house duties. Space does not have time nor to play, to the sun. They will say many that the competition demands everything this in the wild race to the work market: to pass in the competitions, to shine in the vestibular contests and to arrange steady job! In this war of the survival alone who knows more equation and rebimboca of parafuseta reaches the success.

It will be? Clearly that not. The biggest challenge of the education is to teach to live and to preserve the life! To preserve is to insist on the fight for the life, is to help to guarantee to the generations the gift of living! The citizen compromised to the life is capable to interact and to help withholds the destruction power around, exactly without having in the hands the fiance’s public mounts of money. It can exert the citizenship of a pacific, intelligent and gratuitous form: to get infuriated itself. To preserve she is necessary to form citizens sentries of the life, whom they know to intervine at the moment certain to prevent wastefulness, the bad use, the abuse, but, over all, to form the educator of the environment, capable to teach ' ' time and is of tempo' ' as to live without leaving a death track for where it passes.



This has result on the religious temperament and the paper that the State develops, that it consists of the degree of interference of the State to reduce or to increase obstacles in the commercial flow with the international relations. In fact the world if expanded, and the hibridizao between the local popular cultures and a mass culture supposedly ‘ ‘ universal’ ‘ that it consists of the capacity of integration of diverse peoples in one same norm of direction, being the power of irradiation from a religious center. For example, the Islamic civilization, whose extension from a religious matrix and of a considered language sacred, the Arab, obtained to add groups with traditions and distinct origins. These are the centers of the ideological questions that lead to the reinforcement of the local, national economy, and regional, based in the appropriation of the natural resources, in the partnership of the great one it offers and ambient commercialization that contributes actively for the integration of the markets regional. The commerce, the finances, the investments are instruments for which if they establish connection in flows and connections of nets, in the international plan, the production and exaggerated consumption of the population. A universally accepted definition only for the globalization does not exist. According to Held (2001),

globalization has been diversely conceived as long-distance action (when the acts of the social agents of a place can have significant consequences for third distant ones); as understanding space-weather (in a reference to the way as the instantaneous electronic communication it comes consuming the limitations of the existence and the time in the organization and the interaction social); as sped up interdependence (understood as the intensification of the interlacement between national economies and societies, in such way that the events of a country have a direct impact in others); as a world in shrinking process (erosion of the borders and of geographic barriers to the socioeconmica activity); e, among others concepts, as global integration, reordenao of the relations of being able interregional, conscience of the global situation and intensification of the Inter-regional’ interconnection; ‘. The advent of the globalization in accordance with Milton Saints (2000) ‘ ‘ consumerism and competitiveness lead to the moral and intellectual emagrecimento of the person, to the reduction of the personality and the vision of the world, inviting, also, to forget the opposition basic enter the figure of the consumer and the figure of cidado.’ ‘ The Religion and the commerce appear as world-wide, competing and conflicting entities moral, being each one with its deuses, its requirements, its ethics, its moral, its rights and duties in a globalization society.



All ancient traditions talk about work on itself. What about yourself work? The work on itself are those actions that lead to change what you are. And that is achieved by changing their beliefs, which depend on their thoughts and their actions. One of the easiest ways of doing this is the autosuggestion. To tell the truth the autosuggestion is the only way to act on itself.

Clarify our terms. Swarmed by offers, David Long is currently assessing future choices. Above I wrote that beliefs depend on thoughts and actions. Details can be found by clicking The Hayzlett Group or emailing the administrator. Well, that is an incomplete statement. See more in detail. To tell the truth the thoughts that people have, and their actions are determined by their beliefs. The subconscious beliefs are which they act in a certain way the people and think in a particular way. This is true.

But as well as thinking in general, and the actions of the people, in general, depend on beliefs, it is also true that you can modify their beliefs if it undertakes to think in the way that you want to think. Thoughts wealth will produce, over time, beliefs of wealth. Shares of wealth will produce beliefs of wealth. Act affects beliefs. Think affects beliefs. Is for this reason that human development specialists say you act as if it were already rich, think as if it were successful. It is clear that the Act and think will produce results much faster if it is accompanied by the profound autosuggestion. What is the autosuggestion? The autosuggestion (autos, self, in Greek), sometimes called hypnosis, autogenic training, or autogenic conditioning, is simply to sugestionar oneself. You are autosugestiona when he says if same I’m broken, I have no money, I have no job. The rich, happy and successful autosugestionan with phrases as I am rich, all I get well, everybody loves me, everybody wants to give me money, I earn money while I sleep, etc. It is clear that Repeat this throughout the day works. But there are more powerful forms of autosugestionar are. In the book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt, presents a powerful exercise of autosuggestion. This exercise designed to take it to the alpha state of mind and then, in a State of deep relaxation, burn in your subconscious mind powerful images of success, wealth and happiness. To support the work of work on yourself, you will have powerful subliminal video preparation for power, which is designed to get you started with success the pleasant way of happiness and wealth. Original author and source of the article.