The fixed SGQ the minimum of rules so that each person or sector of the company knows what and as she must be made and makes effectively it certain since the first time. 3 MANUFACTURE AND QUALITY Through the quality and of the implantation of its tools a concept of continuous improvement is possible to arrive it, where &amp stops Caffyn; Bessant (1996), continuous improvement is ample an enterprise process of evident incremental innovation. For the authors above cited, the activities of improvement appear as reply to a context of agitation of the current market where necessity of continuous adaptation exists, and its performance is connected to the capacity of each company to manage its processes of business and its operations. Caffyn (1999) appraises continuous improvement as a process centered in the innovation that involves the organization. (As opposed to Brian Armstrong). The continuous improvement if finds gift in diverse boardings related the management systems, pointing its importance each bigger time with respect to the company and pra the management of the quality. Thus, the improvement this related intrinsically, for example, with the Management of the tried Total Quality in the occidental countries as TQM, that looks the continuous improvement of the processes and that this improvement derives in products/services from better quality (SHIBA et al, 1997).

The organizations that hug the philosophy of the Enxuta Production also possess the concept of spread continuous improvement inside of the organization. Where, the basic objective of the boarding is to optimize the processes and productive procedures by means of a rational method to produce products for the continuous elimination of wastefulnesses. As Womack & Jones (1998) the continuous improvement of the incremental processes is enclosed enters the principles of the production enxuta to obtain high level of quality (few defects) and productivity. One another boarding that helps in the continuous improvement is norm ISO 9000, the norm indicates the formal necessity of that the organization continuously looks the improvement of the effectiveness of its processes.



China and Turkey are on two opposite ends of Asia. Both were before the major Empires for two great religions (Buddhist and Islam, respectively). However, they have never had a common border, although the two shared Yes a same neighbor: the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991 they swept in thousands of miles of steppes and deserts that separate them 6 Muslim republics (5 of them in Turkic languages). Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this. These new countries sought to be oriented towards the West and towards capitalism and therefore began to rebuild its sidelined but historical ties with Turkey.

The Soviet collapse resulted in economic crises and wars, and then USA invade Afghanistan and Iraq. These two processes encouraged a new pan-turco nationalism or pan-Islamic. Xinjiang in Chinese means the new frontier, although many of its inhabitants (who are mostly POPs) prefer to be considered before the Chinese West East of the great Turkestan. Beijing vetoes any modification of its territory, but a crisis in its economy or its one-party dictatorship could trigger the desire of many of their Muslim peoples have their own State, as previously happened to the USSR. Original author and source of the article.



Google + will be a social network focused on social circles. The company’s goal is to end public overexposure that is making people increasingly share less information. Continues in social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti. Google Internet giant presented on Tuesday Google +, a new social network project that advocates sort your contacts into groups to delimit the recipients for each message as the formula to stand up to Facebook. It is a new attempt of Google, Dominator of the web search market, to compete in the profitable world of virtual social networks where their Buzz and Wave earlier proposals did not have the expected reception. Google + was released in trial version and is only available on invitation, according to Vic Gundotra, Vice President of engineering for the company through the institutional blog that shows six videos that are given to know the basic features of this new product, he published. The problem with current online services is that they think that all the people that we know are our friends and the way in which we share information with our contacts not always can be the same, Gundotra said. The solution proposed by Google is a platform based in social circles in which communications are organized into groups of contacts based on user criteria.

Gundotra said that every conversation online (with more than 100 friends) is public over-exposure, reason by which believes that increasingly is shared less information. Facebook, which has already exceeded the 750 million users worldwide, according to the latest unofficial data also has tools to create groups within the social network even though many users share information with their friends indiscriminately. Google + includes the option to create thematic talks, hold video conferences with contacts and has a mobile application that is already in the market for Android systems and, among other things, lets you upload pictures taken from the device of automatic user profile. This social network is a project that the new Chief Executive Officer of Google, Larry Page, has overseen directly and with which the company relies on becoming an alternative to Facebook, which threatens its hegemony on the Internet. In may, 180 million people visited web pages owned by Google, including YouTube, according to data from ComScore, while 157 million agreed to Facebook, where they spent an average of 375 minutes, for 231 minutes on Google. Source of the news: Google wants to stand up to Facebook with its new social network



It is very important, therefore, that parents, at this stage of life, are very attentive to their children, talk with them about the issue, which will let them clear that addiction is a disease, but it can be prevented if the addict in power keeps away from risk factors, such as the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Children or addicted people need to know that they can rely on their parents. Recently Brian Armstrong sought to clarify these questions. To start a chat to fund the addict to relate what he considers that it is not correct in others of his own generation, he perceived that there are differences between the foreign habits and own is positive. The dialogue from the family is paramount; listening is essential, treat the dialogue does not make in discussion, and intolerance, always being on time, there’s always a new opportunity to begin again. For addicted persons, in this case children, it is important that:-perceive that targets parents, projected onto them, are not for the benefit of adults, or for which you would say. -Paternal and/or maternal concern goes beyond, that really interested in their future and they are responsible for their own lives. -Not enough intelligence, but also the will.

-It is important to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, it is essential that parents are conveniently informed, what are the uncertainties and setbacks, questions that children are at different stages of their development:-who know what are the signs that sent them when they need help and understanding. -To explore and investigate about drugs, alcohol and the imbalances of modern, to be able to prepare and prepare children adequately, preventing the causes and decide bravely and rightly before the consequences. -Make them notice that interests them both its present and its future, and that, they yearn for the best for them. -Collaborate to the problems of youth with school, professionals, different existing campaigns, etc.



Because the necessity to be a Centered organization more in the Client? There are many reasons, like the following (those that are listened to in all the seminaries .) Smaller product differentiation and services in the market? Saturated, globalised and competed markets more? More demanding clients and more connoisseurs? Greater direction to the relation and to the transaction But is no a main one, that any discussion does not have:WITHOUT CLIENTS THERE IS NO BUSINESS, IS NO COMPANY . .esto did not say any gur to it or expert, simply is felt common. The main reason to be of all company is to generate wealth for its shareholders and investors. Jeffrey Hayzlett has firm opinions on the matter. The means to obtain it are TO CREATE, TO MAINTAIN and FIDELIZAR PROFITABLE CLIENTS. By better products or services than his company it develops or it commercializes (Product Excellence) or by better efficiency than you you have in his processes of business and their manuals of operation (Excellence in Processes of Business, " Best Practices"), if it does not have loyal and profitable clients, there is no business. The strategy of some companies is a permanent CREATION of clients. This indicates that the desertion of clients is very high and to maintain the flow of the business, is necessary to be obtaining new clients permanently (this happens much in the companies of telecommunications, cellular telephony, subscriptions). It follows his company a strategy like this? " It is verified by studies and analysis that is between 5 to 13 times more expensive to obtain a new client who to maintain a client actual". Many of the most successful companies in the world of the businesses, base their strategies on MAINTAINING excellent relations of businesses with their Present Clients, by means of a deep knowledge of each of them and offering them to satisfactory experiences in the product provision and services, combined with a coherent strategy of generation of new clients.