July 13, 1992 was stopped shelling of Tskhinvali. July 14, 1992 in the conflict zone were put peacekeeping force composed of three battalions – Russian, Georgian and Ossetian. Results from November 1989 to July 1992 as a result of Georgian aggression killing over three thousand civilians in South Ossetia, about 300 people missing and more than 40 thousand people have had to leave their homes and move to Russia, 117 Ossetian villages were burned. As it turned out, this was not the last test for the people of South Ossetia. January 3, 2004 presidential candidate Mikheil Saakashvili visited Georgian village of Tamarasheni in South Ossetia near Tskhinvali, and in his speech to the villagers said that in 2004 – the last year, when South Ossetia and Abkhazia did not participate in Georgia's elections.

As president, Saakashvili has not forgotten his promise. At the end of May 2004, declaring its intention to fight against smuggling, introduced in Georgia-controlled territory of South Ossetia, Interior Ministry troops and Army commandos. August 19, 2004 Tskhinvali was shelled out mortars, 4 people died. The same day there were clashes in the village Tliakan, during which killed 16 servicemen of the Georgian Ossetian militiaman and one. August 20, 2004 Georgian troops left the conflict zone to come back here after 4 years … "Clear Field" On the night of 7 to 8 August 2008, Georgia grossly violated the peace agreements and the fundamental norms of international humanitarian law and, having carried out armed incursions into South Ossetia.



The appearance of new technological tools has contributed for the popularity of automatic translations of archives in pdf; however, some myths exist on this subject, which we will clarify with the text to follow: Myth 1: The automatic translation is practically in goes. We agree that the final result is not accurately perfect, but the automatic translation can be of great aid when you need to translate simple texts and descomplicados quickly, that is, texts without content scientific technician or, as for example, legal documents or medical articles. With the automatic translation one cares for money and time! Myth 2: To use such tools, she is necessary to make upload of the archive in pdf for the Internet. It is truth that such affirmation if applies the certain tools that are available currently in the market, however some tools do not need upload for the translation of archives in pdf. You can, for example, make download of software in its computer; after this, you choose the document in ready pdf that she desires to translate and! The translation is made directly in its computer without uploads! Myth 3: To use such tools she is necessary to buy a software of the Adobe. Such affirmation is partially true. They exist, yes, document translators in pdf that demand tools of the Adobe to function, but this does not apply to all the translators. You can find in the market, tools that, demand connection to the Internet, but that they do not demand the use of no software to carry through the translation of archives in pdf.

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Passo Fundo for very little is not worse in denounces Them to the health against the rendering of services in the area of the Health in Passo Fundo, was not baseless. In the interminable lines during the most frozen dawns the RX of what it would finish for coming to tona. Our aged ones interviewed for RBS TV, had registered a consumed profile of a tired people and looser for the indifference. How much to the too much gauchos and gauchos of this querncia the indignation ahead of the impotence. It was enough to give a time here it is and that they start to appear the first constataes of that the current administration Dipp Ceconello leaves to desire in what she says respect to the health of the passofundenses! To be enters the worse cities of the state to invest in the health is at least constrangedor! Worse of what to exhibit this undesirable one and stained rank, amongst all the headquarters is to certify of a time for all the incapacity to manage resources and to prove definitively the respect lack stops with the society. It is not possible that if it allows the continuity of so great indifference! It is enough these that of maken a mistake form play with the public health! Where it is the credencia Health department that connivent managers with declared one and disturbing situation! She will be necessary to review with the maximum urgency these sectors that disturb the public order and stain our community.

According to Court of Accounts of Estado (TCE-RS) Passo Fundo occupies position 434 amongst the 496 cities of the Rio Grande Do Sul. The city invested to 16.30% of the R$ 647 million collected in the folder of health, destining R$ 105,5 million. The minimum allowed for law is of 15% of the collection. Fact this, that here between us, is a national shame in full week of the native land! Jose Berton Journalist and writer