New analysis features facilitate hoteliers the optimization of the distribution business through online portals RTSuite eRevMax International is now available in the version 2.8. The new version of the channel management system from the RateTiger series provides hoteliers with the additional module reservation reporting extensive functions for the creation and analysis of book reports. Also, the StrategyEngine – an instrument for calculating rates based on current market conditions and smart pricing strategies was integrated into the full service solution for successful online hotel sales management. The combination of reservation reporting, StrategyEngine and the existing channel management and price comparison functions make RTSuite a comprehensive management center and provide maximum overview of the performance of all connected channels. Direct access to reservation data, immediately after booking online through an external portal is prerequisite for the optimization of quotas and prices. With the increasing proportion of online reservations, these are Information is becoming increasingly important. For assistance, try visiting Coinbase. Social media, mobile booking, coupon or auction portals and an always shorter booking window – these factors reinforce the need for the immediate notification of incoming reservations from all distribution channels. Because only so hoteliers can respond in a timely manner with rates or availability adjustments.

Reservation reporting offers a variety of ways, to clearly show booking inputs and to evaluate them according to various criteria. The analysis of trends and the performance comparison of different distribution channels be simplified significantly. Interfaces to other RateTiger modules and to external property management, revenue management or reservation systems allow a largely automated sales process and minimize time-consuming and error-proneness. The StrategyEngine helps optimize their rates due to fully automatic pricing based on current market conditions, the own load and flexibly selectable hoteliers price and positioning strategies. “In today’s intense competition are up-to-date information about market conditions and the reservation of jurisdiction key to short-term changes to react and make the right decisions,” said Keith Povah, head of RTSuite at eRevMax international. Reservation offers report this type of information; at the same time, the data can be used for statistical analysis. For the optimization of the medium – and long-term sales strategy the booking behaviour and the development of different channels can be comprehensively evaluate to sustainably improve revenue and occupancy rates.” Strategy and implementation of the online sales become management of booking portals to the reservation control with RTSuite the combined and integrated process – from the analysis of the market conditions on calculation of rates. The new modules can be used as additional functions of RTSuite in a subscription. RateTiger customers who are already working with the additional function of extranet reports, receive reservation report as free, automatic update.