A new website should be able more than just look good: (experience), you already know the great benefits of your website? There are facts, based on those communications formally impose: 86% of all decision makers use the Internet every day 63% of all decision makers gather information on the Internet about future suppliers and business partners. 75% of all Germans use the Internet privately. Gain insight and clarity with Brian Armstrong. (Source: nonliner-atlas.de) The figures speak for themselves: the relevance of the medium Internet is constantly growing and the recapitulation of own online engagement should encourage sales and marketing executives. Clearly, we have an online presence, our customers and prospective customers will find everything you need and a lot of chic’ on top, knocking up some Onlineverantwortlicher on the shoulders. “Contact including: a phone number and an email address, inviting interested, call the local sales representative is found for each country, each region.” To believe, would make the maximum use of a website reached, is far from: new contacts! The benefits of your site should be stopped and not much less! We are doing two kinds of benefit a site: basic benefit additional benefit the basic benefit meets through a wide range of information about products, services and the company.

Do not save on important details, provided, the content not cascades down in lengthy prose, but is quick, easy and well structured. It is really interesting where others usually stop, namely when the additional benefit: you generate active new contacts through your website. Use website contacts for active sales. Reduce distribution costs and automate your online sales. Measure behavior and product interest of visitors and put these findings in your communication. Hand on heart: the number of those who actually sign after studying the site information in the company, adheres carefully expressed in boundaries. Therefore facing two facts: the Internet used extensively by consumers and decision makers.



But just the medium-sized companies want to ensure an adequate qualification of its employees. “To stand before the people, and to impart the necessary knowledge, these organized and sustainable ready however great difficulties, know the certified trainer: it is a stand-alone professional qualifications to be able to teach people something.” And this was often not part of the training of carrier. How about alternative, which acquired this knowledge the President or the Executive? If the contractor for suddenly, the own coach would be simple and everyday training? The entrepreneurs could then plan the own training and perform. He would be able to prepare the corporate knowledge for its employees and to provide with the right trainer competence. Unfortunately, such trainer competencies are far more difficult to acquire: coach training is considered to be extremely costly, especially as time consuming. Deter many entrepreneurs.

You leave the external educational institutions training their own employees and thus ignore the problem to conveyed in-house knowledge, which is often less than optimal external training. We believe that there’s not always an expensive and time-intensive training and have developed therefore a trainer seminar, which makes you fit your selected employees to implement internal measures.” Ulrich conveys knowledge, so that entrepreneurs in only five days Burgrave her can be your own coach. From a large number of content from the lengthy training we have selected the most important and convey them in a lively and practical seminar.” Success has the trainer and consultant rather Burggraf. The seminar gives participants an overview of the core competencies of a coach: the first day is devoted to communication and rhetoric. Moderation and presentation are the watchwords for the second day of the seminar. The planning as well as the successful organization of the training are contents of the third training day. On the fourth day of the trainer seminar, the participants finally can learn the methodology and practice of the training. Motivation techniques and more central leadership decided the last day of the seminar.

Overall the simplylive Consulting has created a low-cost and efficient seminar with her trainer seminar. Each entrepreneur there the necessary didactic and pedagogical tools of your own coach to be. Training can henceforth to be performed by the entrepreneurs, executives and department managers themselves. Ulrich Burgrave puts it in a nutshell: we connect with this seminar system with human learning experience and quick successes with sustainability. So a seminar, which will bring you inestimable benefits.” Contact: Simplylive consulting Managing Director: Ulrich Burgrave article by: Josef Gregurek M.A.., junior consultant Hochriesstrasse 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Tel.: 08063 – 9 73 55 95 fax.: 08063 – 9 73 92 64 facebook: simplylive advice simplylive is your reliable partner for emotional consulting and employee training. We have made it our mission, helping people in the business process of change and to support.



Better business planning through the use of project management software CoPTrack in conjunction with ERP systems more efficiency in project management and business controlling through the use of project management solution CoPTrack and an ERP application, such as SAP. CoPTrack provides a bridge between one on projects and a view focused on operational matters. CoPTrack is a comprehensive, fully Web-based project management software. It is intuitive and easy to use despite its scope. Many ERP-systems (SAP, PSIPENTA, proALPHA, among others) provide a project management module for the planning and management of projects. However, it is also the project management solution, CoPTrack often benefit in addition to the ERP system to use. The benefits show up not only in the project management, but also in the operational controlling.

So, many steps are simplified due to integrated project management processes. It is an integrated project and resource management, available also for small orders. Project planning, controlling, collaboration and Integrated document management. A better quality of data available is for project managers, controllers, and management. ERP data can be used in mobile.

Information is detailed and timely for the operational planning and operational controlling, as well as for the consolidation of the operational data available. The structuring of a project from the perspective of project management is often not in accordance with the point of view of operational controlling. While project managers rather strive for a phase – or function-oriented approach, locate controller to split the project into cost objects and to assign cost centers and are interested in a hierarchy based on cost structures. The actions of project management focuses on project deadlines, whereas operational processes to periods are aligned. As a business solution, ERP systems to the needs of operational controlling are aligned. Project Manager and staff do need support, but the requirements of contemporary project management is sufficient. Project management resources, tasks, milestones, completion statuses and alarms if the plan is exceeded with flexible response options include the daily work, while budget, consolidated cost, purchase orders and invoices are typical information of an ERP system. CoPTrack provides a comprehensive solution for a modern project management and also for the business controlling of individual projects and project portfolios. The software offers the connection to the operational point of view. CoPTrack extended the corporate planning and control with a component for a timely and detailed control of the projects from the business perspective and a comprehensive and flexible project and resource management. Therefore, companies use both an ERP system and their functions to the operational planning and control as also CoPTrack for planning and controlling their project portfolios and as a source of their ERP systems. Get more information at



It is important to emphasize that entrepreneurial investments also be accompanied by corresponding obligations. Some funds should be considered before investing, that indeed margin obligations can consist in a malformed (negative) business development. It is so essential to deal with the goods, the environment and the opportunity / risk profile. Yield and investment term closed-end funds generate current income in all history (real estate funds such as rental income) and they pass on pro rata to the shareholders. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is often quoted as being for or against this. In the course of time, the regular income should exceed the amount of the investment. The investor is basically tied to the projected useful life, not return Gets the capital employed for the share purchase (at least for a long time). The investment horizon is classified as basically perennial in the long term and requires that the investor capital for extended period of time required. With some assets tax for an optimum yield benefits after taxes (such as tonnage tax ship investments or real estate amortization).

The yield expectations differ significantly if possible – sometimes very different – assets, which are the closed-end funds to reason. Closed-end real estate funds yield expectations are conceivable by approximately 6%. As with other forms of investment, an increased risk means the chance of a higher return. Advantages the main advantage of closed-end funds is located in Depot effective mitigation in the framework of a diversification strategy. The portfolio is so against exchange rate and mood swings on the capital market more resistant. Who are familiar with appropriate risk profile analysis and evaluation criteria of investments in closed-end funds, also gets the opportunity of a very attractive after tax return.

Appropriate investment instruments for risk management of its own portfolio are conclusion of closed-end funds. Although these as sole form of capital investment not recommended can be, are they ideal as admixture to optimize yield. Prerequisite is the detailed engagement with Fund and fixed assets of the desired Fund. Just the right chance / risk assessment is crucial for the suitability as a recording in its own Depot. Further information or even a consultation in finding the individually optimal products can be found in the Internet under. Closed-end real estate funds – invest in real estate more info closed-end funds – permanent return with closed investments