For some authors pool is just as the poster, and for others he is something different, and they even speak of pool aeronautical, in such sense it is clear that it deserves the corresponding studies. Pool is worked by the doctrine little and in the mercantile and enterprise legislation and it does not find norms general, but it only exists some norms on pool aeronautical in the positive right. Thus it is clear that consulting several books of enterprise right it has not been possible to find definitions that can guide to us in the present investigation, nevertheless, others consider that is different from the poster or kartel, of such form that can be different. In such sense we will define to pool like an assumption of enterprise concentration very similar to the poster, but narrow bows but, in such sense Earl R. KOHLER it needs on pool the following thing: it is a close combination of companies but that the cartels.

In her, each company conserves its technical manual, but the bows unite that them are but strong. Not only one regulates the production and the prices, but the bottoms are given to a common box, distributing itself later proportionally, in agreement with a determined plan previously. The separation between this type of combination and the cartels are not very precise, then, generally, indicates an agreement between independent producers that delegate in a central organism the inspection of the sale of products. They are based on contracts written, in which is stipulated and penal clauses for the violations of the same are included. Several classes of pool are distinguien, that agree with the diverse types of cartels. But the important ones are the following: pool of production, pool territorial or of market, the one of sales, the one of prices and the one of patents. One of the examples of pool in which one verifies the peculiar characteristic of the distribution of income and gains; it was of the North American railway companies until 1870, as, by means of this procedure, they avoided the incentive of the diminution of the tariffs.



So that the performance of the children is beneficial in the school we must take some measures in house. The education does not depend only on the school, but the family has important paper in the awareness of the children. Ten measures that the responsible ones can adopt: to 1.Estabelecer hourly for the studies, for the leisure, to sleep and to raise. To study is not only to make house lesson, but to use the time to review the substance learned in the school and to remake exercises passed in the classroom, but it is necessary that if it sleeps at least 8h for night. to 2.Olhar notebooks of its children periodically. If it will not be able to look at every day, that it would be the ideal, must look at least a time per seen week placing and date in the last line of lesson of each substance, thus will have control of how much the son produced in one week. In doubt, in case that it perceives that it does not have nothing in the notebook more, to order tickets for the professors asking if lesson in the notebook were not given can help and the professors like this.

to 3.Tomar lesson of the children can help them with the studies. 4.Ir to the school whenever it can to talk on the performance of the children is another very useful tool, and the proper child starts to be more responsible, therefore she knows that the parents will be of ' ' olho' '. to 5.Limitar computer and Internet. As it says old dictated a popular one: ' ' Everything what he is excessively estraga' '. It is important to be ' ' antenado' ' , but if it does not have to lose hour of sleep, meals and other responsibilities. to 6.Evitar to teach to the children with the lies, giving the answers of the exercises.



It is an absolutely innovative experience. A landmark in the history of the entrenimento. If it cannot assistiz it and comment it as to a film, because what if it presents to the experienciao for intermediary of 3D he is unusual excessively for permitiz it. We are ahead of a new hybrid media, that uses with the biggest property all its potentiality. We are ahead of a bordering apotheosis of all the expression possibilities. It is pure plastic art. It is pure literature.

It is technological-virtual possibility taken the last consequncias. Since its invention, it is truth well that the media cinema passed for significant transformations. These transformations had not resulted only of processes of technological overcoming, as occured between the dumb cinema and the sonorous one. This overcoming it was a revolution in the history of the cinema, transforming it forever. The same it is happening now with Avatar; a dividing water overcoming in before and later. It is truth that many other workmanships had come to dot a distinguishing way, still inside of the resources possible and disponibilizados by the media well cinema.

Since the moment where the technology surpassed the simple simulation and the retraction of one given reality and passed in them to present improbable enredos, fantastic unreal as possible, that we saw in preparing for this Avatar moment. Matrix and all the ones that if had followed to it, had been preparatory for this extremity of hibridizao of languages presented in Avatar. To say that James Cameron, its idealizer and director is bonanza would be a place-common bivio, for this physicist who delivering the magic to it of the cinema, led all one surpreendendemente competent team to produce this work of art of the human spirit.



In the following paragraphs I summarize the work to you of experts who completely are familiarized with all the aspects of the lists opt-in. Quick attention to its advice to avoid surprises in your list opt-in. Finally you will realize which you need a good list Opt-in. After reading innumerable articles and looked for senior advisory groups, you will have read many histories of success of people who create a small fortune excluding the lists and that finally decide to have hers own one. Then it happens, you think that you know everything what there is to know about the lists opt-in, you have followed its advice and even so you have not been able to obtain results. Perhaps you have engaged some writer for ayudarte to create content, which supposes some expenses. In fact, you can be losing money, and you will realize after months, when you see the statistics and the numbers of sales, is when you will realize that your benefit continues falling, even if you have a great list, only a very small percentage in fact buys to you.

Then, what can be leaving bad? Why there is one who is successful where others fail? The most common error is than you possibly chose a subject that you thought could be very popular and that you would make money. The case is that to only write to the people of that list it does not mean that they are going to buy right away. Here I offer a greater advising to you, for that they have begun its list opt-in and they have failed, can rejuvenecer its insolvent company. For that they are beginning, here there are three forms fast and easy to construct a profitable list Opt-in. 1) Your first task is to create confidence, obtains that your clients trust you and your products.



Every parent is familiar fuss about the sex of the child: someone feels just curious, having no preference, while for some it is comparable to the difference between life and death. Child's sex is determined at the time fertilization and depends on whether the sperm fertilize the egg: supporting X-or Y-chromosome. 'Ladies' (X) sperm are slightly different from the 'male' (Y). They have a relatively large size, 'float' slower more resistant to neblagopryatnym factors and live a little longer. Since the discovery of these differences in the behavior of 'female' and 'male' sperm have begun attempts to use them for the couples. In the 60's years published an article by Dr. Shettlsa about the invention of the method, which, as stated in 75 – 90% guaranteed to conceiving a child the right floor. The method was based on the time from intercourse prior to ovulation, depth of insertion of the penis into the vagina and the presence of orgasm in women.

To conceive a girl proposed to have sexual intercourse not later than 2 – 3 days before the expected ovulation, use a shallow penetration (penetration), and Women recommended to refrain from orgasm, because it changes the environment vagina to the alkaline side. When using these techniques was expected that by the time of ovulation, less stable 'male' sperm will die in the acidic vaginal environment, and will remain, mostly, 'female'. To conceive a boy, it was recommended to have intercourse before ovulation, using positions for deep penetration, and a woman have an orgasm.