On the Internet numerous providers advertise a loan for the unemployed, to be honest I do not understand why, through such questionable credit offers you produce yourself as a provider with security views hardly a business that relates to the unemployment benefit and those who need a loan that needs have good collateral like a high life, or a property, but also a solvent guarantor still be considered to have a chance to have a loan. So who wants to try to still make an application for credit, this can try to be happy, but should nevertheless not make too many hopes for a loan commitment. Particular caution should be exercised before the so-called loan sharks, here are solely those of the already insanely high interest rates, if one still has a flat or a high life, then here is more to speculate on your possession, as loan sharks in advance to schedule the loan, the borrower can not repay certain loan sharks because even given to the unemployed only when high credit guarantees are available. If you then bad luckhas, you sit there at the end and has lost everything. Who wants to become self-employed than unemployed people to get out of unemployment, can hope for with a good concept for a Existensgruendungsdarlehen. If you want to an existing business or a company then you need to take over the bank accounts of the last two years of this business or firm, in order to calculate the bank if it’s worth a capital use in general, and in what amount it is willing to credit . Granting These possibilities are still better than a loan shark to become a victim.