This hegemony allowed that until the most humble laborer it longed for the same products that a doctor for example, products these that are tied through the media for both, that is, the advertising and propaganda approach the different social sectors, becoming them members of the same symbolic system. It is treated then, of ' ' socialization of consumo' ' (grifo ours). We are manipulated and led to a process of alienation for the media. It is by means of it that we see propagated, novels, films and until infantile drawings dictating the happy time all what we have that to have to be successful. This makes with that if it works, or same if steals each time more to consume, and when tired arriving in house, seated in front of the television to be bombed again with new commercial, is initiated thus, a vicious circle. The entailing of displayed values permeia the illusion of having in detriment of the being, as it affirms Gorender, (1999, p.125): The capitalist society if presents as society of the spectacle, such which defined Debord: It matters more than what everything the image, the appearance, the exhibition. Many writers such as Montauk Colony LLC offer more in-depth analysis.

The ostentation of the consumption valley more than the proper consumption. The kingdom of the fictitious capital reaches the maximum of amplitude when demanding that the life if becomes life fiction. The alienation of the being takes the place of the proper one to be. The appearance if imposes over the existence. To seem is more important of what being. Gramsci (1978, p.52) in its concept of hegemony discourses that the accomplishment of a hegemonic apparatus, while creates a new ideological land, determines a reform of the consciences and the methods of knowledge, is a knowledge fact, a philosophical fact. In such a way the hegemony of the consumption was affirmed in history as great norteadora of the neoliberal project, placing the logic of the market as great regulator of all the aspects of the life in society, causing, according to Iamamoto (1998, p.35) ' ' on the other hand the satanizao of the State, …



But with the aid of " machine of escrever" cited above, you will be able to create to transcribe any music of its preference. A copy of the letter initiates the activity delivering to each pupil and after that part that they try to decipher the words that are written with phonetic symbols. Later, it has touched music so that they confirm if the words that they had written in fact coincide with what it was said in music. At last, it corrects the grafia of the words in the picture. The phonetic symbols are of utmost importance for who are interested in improving its pronunciation and speech English correctly. ACTIVITY 7 Cultural Chorale You discipline: Introduction to the Computer science and Production of Pedagogical Material We will make an activity in long stated period where the pupils will learn American folclricas musics and musics pop to be presented in the festividades during all the year and in the formations of year end.

We will also make the virtual use of one bandinha that they will one by one have the recorded instruments in Audacity software, using itself of domestic materials and easy access to the pupils and the school. This activity will have all to be carried through during the school year, in extraclassroom and classroom. The professor will make use of all the available sites of music of popular and folclricas musics and will select musics that will be sung by the group. I suggest that this done election either for bimaster and that it is made with the pupils. If the professor in question will have musical knowledge or to know somebody has that it, first must see the timbre of the voice of each one of the pupils, if he is low, tenor, lyric, contralto, among others, dividiz them correctly in groups so that musics are executed correctly.

Second step is to hear musics with the pupils so that they know the tone of music. After that, with the aid of a keyboard to show what it is a tone so that they can understand with more easiness. Third step is to work with musics that are not difficult, that they do not have changes of tones, because the initial process of formation of the chorale is one in such a way how much complicated. Room step is to pass exercises of as heating the voice, therefore it is very important for the musical initiation of the young so that the voice can be improved so that in the future they have a firm voice and the worked vocal ropes, that will facilitate the execution of some related activities to the voice. To create you emend with explanations of tones, cantos, types of voice, at last, a basic explanation of what it is music I sing and it in general. Each professor must stipulate the assay schedules in accordance with extraclassroom its availability of the pupils, having conscience that is a rewarding work, with surprising results, but that it demands much devotion, time and comprometimento of both the parts.