The TOC appears as a powerful alternative in the attainment of the economic consolidation of the place. In this way, it is necessary to create objective norms so that the tourism so directly does not affect the life of the animals (Paula and Simes-Lopes, 1997). Same CONCLUSION being considered as source of a potential impact to the animals, the Tourism of Comment of Cetceos assumes an important educative role and is one of the main forms of not lethal use of cetceos. This activity must extremely controlled and be fiscalized by being unstable since each animal if holds of a different form before the presence human being. It must also balance satisfaction of the tourist, the animal and the population, exerting one practical always healthful one of the activity for all. In the specific case of the Beach of the Pipe if it became possible to prove that the TOC is one of main the attractive ones of the place, together with the other beauties that the nature has there to offer. The results gotten with this study show that Pipe still has much to advance so that the tourism practised there as a whole if becomes sustainable. The fact of good part of the tourists who visit Pipe not to find the harmful strolls of boat to the dolphins can be for the fact of them to find that it was harmed, would not be being carried through since the inspector of the city hall is the sample in the beach all to prove there that the activity is fiscalized. In the case of the boatmen, exactly presenting a escolaridade level low, they manage well the strolls very, always illustrating counting them the histicos facts of the place and taking off any doubts of the tourists. The inhabitants in general place themselves to the edge of all this tourist scene of the Pipe, therefore the involved people in the activity had not yet integrated this so significant parcel of the place, making with that all can enjoy equally.