Antes_de fire: ADT security and care to) frequently check the electrical system in your home. (b) the fire detection occurs, often too late, so keep your eyes peeled before any possible problem. (c) ensure that not leave switched on electrical appliances and beware those who need one power greater such as irons, dishwashers or radiators, because they can overheat the system. (d) be careful do not get wet plugs or electrical installations and you do not connect devices that have dampened. (e) don’t cover the lamps and bulbs with fabrics because heating may cause a fire.

During the fire: ADT security and fast acting to) in this phase matter much how quickly the fire detection, because soon as you see it, before you can act. (b) preserve the calm and tranquil estate. (c) if they have not skipped automatically, get skip your ADT security alarms. (d) if the fire is small, try to extinguish it with a fire extinguisher and if the source is electric, not quench it with water. (e) closes the electrical energy and gas.

(f) don’t open doors or Windows because the air the fire spreads. Despues_de fire: ADT security and learn from what happened to) don’t the burnt place until police and firefighters to allow you access. (b) once you’re at home, call a technician to have checked your electrical and gas installation. (c) not eat nor drink anything that has been exposed to the Sun, heat and the fire. And, above all, after the fire studied what happened, how you could have missed him and that change in the future so that it never happens again.