Package and last minute trip organized travel with benefits that impact increasing standardization of travel are becoming more and more the travel market of. Basically both for package, as well as last minute trip: who organized travels, offers many advantages. A package can be also a last minute trip. In a hotel, typically three groups of travellers meet each other at the same time: some have booked their trip to the lump sum at the beginning of the year and the so-called early Book discount, the others booked their trip to the normal fare, the third group took a last minute offer of the promoter claims. All three groups regardless of whether now normal, early bird or last minute of traveler will get the same food, the same room type and also the same leisure and trips in the hotel. Organized travel is preferred for many years. It was the year 1861, when the first tour operator offered a package.

This led English workers in the merry month of may in the City of love”and the capital of France, Paris. Since then, millions of travel deals as package were offered and booked. About 120 years later, in the 1980s, the German Airlines was marked by a new form of holiday then the last minute travel. Started about offering the airlines directly to the switches had to book excess quotas at short notice and to start with the airplane at the desired destination. As turned out this form of travel not only for business travellers as interesting (especially because the download price) this form of travel took over other sector of the tourism industry. The term last minute is used in other industries. Last minute but always means: quick access, supply is limited, offer is worth but in any case.