Glutamine Science has established that glutamine is critical for muscle growth. Let's start with the fact that this amino acid is actively consumed during strength training. So to fill its old stock in the muscle tissue becomes one list of priorities for restoration. But more important than others. Even testosterone is powerless, while muscle cells do not accumulate inside the amino acid leucine.

That gives it a "team" to the beginning of a new synthesis of muscle protein. But leucine itself is not a master of the situation. Promotes the accumulation of leucine glutamine. Natalie Ravitz often says this. When glutamine in muscle tissue of many, it becomes more and leucine. Consequently, accelerated and muscle growth. In addition, glutamine, although it is amino acid, is able to speak with buffer acidity.

Glutamine "extinguishes" lactic acid is formed during strength training, and thus helps to push the muscle fatigue. It is interesting that glutamine if you take it with food, by 25-30% increases energy "exhaust" power. The secret of the phenomenon is simple: Glutamine boosts the metabolism. Dosage: Take 5-10 grams of glutamine for breakfast, for half an hour before training, immediately after iza training half an hour before bedtime. Carnitine have our old friend, carnitine, science has discovered several new useful features. First, we assumed that carnitine is capable of only a passive role of "truck", which takes fats into the cell mitochondria. There's fat "burn", turning into biological energy. Experiments have confirmed that taking carnitine supplements in the form, and indeed, accelerates weight loss by increasing transportazhirov in the "furnace" mitochondria. However, this one part of carnitine in energy is not limited. Science has established that in addition it helps the accumulation of atypical glycogen in the muscles directly. This makes the circuit extremely resilient athlete. By same muscle, filled with glycogen, become more and more dense. The second surprise of carnitine is related to its ability to increase synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Is not that amazing? A few grams of carnitine taken before exercise, actually enhance Pumping. However, the main sensation of carnitine is that it increases the number of testosterone receptors in muscle cells. Agree, this news – a real scientific "bomb"! Carnitine helps raise testosterone muscle! DOSAGE: The proven effects are only the latest forms of carnitine – tartrate and propionyl. Take 1-3 gtartrata carnitine and propionyl zazavtrakom, before and immediately after exercise, as well as for dinner.



The destination is strange, makes impious tricks with people As I had written previously, I and mine loved in them reencontramos after fifteen years, we are keeping contact for email for one two months, and then curiosity beat so strong that we accept finding in them, and later one more time, and plus another one, always with excuse of plus information on past, until at last the first kiss, and later another one and plus another one, we are in relating hidden until it decided to abandon everything for my cause, I was to the sky, was finally hour of being happy, God, as love I it, I love still it. But the past always returns. Fight and more fight on account of what I made it, for having abandoned it, having boyfriend others, delivered having me to another one, exactly this having happened five years after people to have if left, it did not pardon the fact to only have been with whom it badly had made, I who I never knew you are welcome, as I said before, the people never gave information to me on it. Two facts had happened that always I will punish myself. When we namorvamos, I always I was faithful it, but it insisted seeing on me as somebody not trustworthy, perhaps for the joking skill that I had at the time, I do not know to say My aunt asked for to ask for a money to me loaned to a friend of the mother in the name of it, and I accepted, since my aunt went to return to the money two days later, but this did not happen, and I did not want that my mother knew, and as I did not have money to pay, I asked for loaned to a called colleague Rui, he was one bacana gentleman very with me, and I worked at the time in a supermarket, then I was the house of it to search the money, therefore it did not have back in the work, but as I worked in it I finish schedule, I arrived very late in house and my mother fought with me and I had shame to say what it had made in such a way pra how much pra it, it I believed that I was making some immoral thing. .



Effectiveness? it is a situation where the objectives are reached. Here the concern is with the ends, with the results. Former 1? I will go to Rio De Janeiro? It does not matter if of bus, proper car, motion, airplane, the foot or the horse. It does not import the time expense nor the cost. My objective is to arrive there. Former 2? Student who searchs the graduation. It does not matter will be marked with six years, five, four, or three and half. Perhaps check out Natalie Ravitz for more information.

They do not import the dependences. When to happen the degree light meal, the objective will be fulfilled. Former 3? Professor whom it desires to go the door of the room and is not worried will need itself to skirt all the lines or he will be gone for the straight way shortest and. Arriving the door it will be happy. Efficiency? it is the guarantee of the best use possible in terms of rationalization and otimizao in the use of the organizacionais resources of form that the objectives are reached minimizing cost, losses and improving the systems. Here the concern is with ways. Former 1? I will go to Rio De Janeiro? I must plan: How much time I have for this? Which the transport less dispendioso? How much money will be necessary? My objective is here to arrive at the River with the lesser cost and minor effort.

Former 2? Student who searchs the graduation? How many years of course it will make? That position will adopt to minimize costs and time? Here the objective is to optimize resources to form itself in the lesser time with the biggest exploitation. Former 3? Professor whom it desires to go the door. It will choose the way shortest, straight and that it expends little effort to arrive until there. The union of the effectiveness with the efficiency generates the ability.



In such a way, then in January, the new management all removed the money of the application in the value of R$ 500,000, 00 and acquired 100 new machines. The focus of the company started to be the production of notebooks for having good exit in the market and a good edge of contribution. With this, searching if to detach of the competitors the company it invested in research and development of this peripheral and, therefore, increased its production. JAN In as the month the new management opted to keeping great part of the strategy adopted in the previous month; this with bigger reduction in the cost of stockage and increase of its capacity manufacter, with this the company acquired 20 new machines, starting to have an installed capacity of 1020 machines. As it had total sales of the supply of Workstations we increase the value of this peripheral of R$ 4,800 for 4.899. FEV In March the objective was to finish with the supply of desktops that it had sobrado of the previous month, and for this, the company carried through a promotion of these peripherals, reducing the value of R$ 1,500, 00 the unit for R$ 1,399, 00. After to analyze the sales of Workstations and the cost with this product to the new management decided to change the price of R$ 4,899, 00 for R$ 5,099, 00, beyond increasing the production in 20 units. 20 In the room management month the company continued its strategy to increase its capacity manufacter with the acquisition of 20 new machines, passing with this to have an installed capacity of 1040 machines..



When one notices bad appears in the bulletin of the school, the father and mother suffers together with the son. when it is tried to talk to discover the cause, nor always has success. Instead of trying to discover the cause, it tries to stimulate it to study it more. How? It says thus for: ' ' Son thinks about a person who works very, much exactly. This person catches 3 buses to arrive at the work, arrives tired and still she has that to support people who do not treat it well. It when she is with hunger takes something in a pot to eat later, or purchase in the canteen with much attention not to spend as much money. She is to give to water in the mouth those salty candies and in the canteen. However, it has that to resist not to buy as much food and if to become indebted later.

The situation of this person is not of the best ones. Now, we go to think a bit about somebody with a situation better. This already needs to only catch a bus, however when it arrives in the work, it is surprised at intense activities, without interval. She astonishhes myself, everything has certain schedule, if it to want to go to the bathroom has that to hold until the end of the day. Cansadssima arrives in house and alone it thinks about sleeping. If to want to read some magazine or a good book, have that to wait the week end, therefore during the week alone of the one to work and to sleep.

Now, we will think about somebody that works in house. It improved is not same? It does not need to catch bus, does not need to dislocate no distance. This person it can organize its schedule of the form that to prefer; if to want to sleep a little and to work later, can; if to want to attend the television, or to use the Internet and later working, all good. If to want to eat something, has the proper refrigerator where it can be delighted with its favourite food. The bathroom is available the day all and if to prefer until a bath, does not have none badly. This last person is you son! You have all the chances to be optimum pupil of the school and an excellent professional in the future. It uses to advantage this phase of the life, therefore the more the time passes, more responsibilities appears. ' '