The Cartel official of the Romeria del Rocio in 2012, the work of the painter Eduardo Millan Jerez, he passed through the Hotel Monte Triana, one of our hotels in Seville, to be delivered form private professionals in the graphic arts that are responsible for playing it. Thus, in one of the rooms of our hotel, the painter author of the poster accompanied by the President of the matrix Brotherhood of Almonte, Juan Ignacio Reales and the Vice-President of the same, Santiago Padilla, handed over to a person in charge of the printing press that will reproduce the original of the same.The poster of the Romeria del Rocio, in the Hotel Monte Triana witness of this encounter was the director of the hotel, Jose Luis Ruiz. The poster represents a scene from the path of the spray. It enjoys an excellent colour which makes it very appealing, beautiful and elegant. Eduardo Millan Sanudo, the author and that it has reached the degree of doctor at the Faculty of fine arts of Seville, explained that his desire was to impregnate the poster of the pilgrimage of a festive and cheerful, tone despite the times difficult that we live. The work is made of oil and has been presented at the General Assembly of older siblings and Presidents which was held last Sunday, April 15 in Almonte. Since hotels MONTE we feel very alagados have been chosen as meeting point for this meeting, thanking the presence in our hotel of such illustrious visitors.



Commercial tanning beds come in two basic formats. Horizontal tanning beds are tanning beds more often to see residential and commercial environments. These capsules or indoor tanning beds consist of a lid filled with tubular ultraviolet lamps, and a glass or plastic “bench” contoured for optimal relaxation. Simply lie down, close the lid, and allow ultraviolet light to penetrate the skin. Turn your body during a time of half their tanning session. Vertical tanning beds are also known as tanning booths or stand-ups. The interior is lined with ultraviolet light bulbs in a pattern of 360 i, . Just step inside and close the door.

Because your body is exposed to UV light on all sides, there is no need to turn your body about half of its session, so tan tan twice as fast as a clamshell tanning bed. Tanning beds high pressure tanning ray burst more (UVA) and fewer burning rays (UVB). The lamps are quartz, which allows their internal air pressure is higher than conventional ultraviolet lamps, thus filtering unwanted UVB rays. High pressure tanning beds a sport sleek, “open cage” construction with no doors. They are adapted to intermediate skin tones and dark. Most commercial tanning beds include high pressure lamps, at least in the area of the face.

All UV lamps are marked with a percentage of UVB. For example, a lamp marked 5% UVB emits five percent UVB rays Ninety-five percent of UVA rays. This is a particularly low percentage of UVB rays, which means that tans produced by its radiation will be brown and not burned. This is a good thing. Most UV lamps have a duration between 500 and 1000 hours. However, it must replace the lamps at half depletion, since the quality of their light weakens over time. The FDA requires that all commercial tanning beds include a timer that automatically turns lights off at the appointed time. The latest technological advance in commercial tanning is cooling systems, who are still more comfortable during tanning. provides detailed information about your home, business and wholesale tanning beds for sale, as well as tanning bed lotion and other products and accessories.



This is the case of the theory that to prove herself, takes elements belonging to a field outside his Studio. Theory alleging a biological evolution which has directly intervened Dios in passages of this least clarified, for example, is clearly pseudo-cientifica or a case of false theology. First and foremost, the attitude that Popper offers against science is well accepted. Which is an ascending knowledge towards the truth, which never reaches it but that tends toward her (Falsifiability). Therein lies the importance of search for experiments that belied a theory, to manufacture another closest to the truth. It must be borne in mind that if we were our whole life immersed in a mistake, we never reach the truth; not even us favours her. Why the attitude of the scientist has to be critical.

Popper checks off those theories or ideologies that are not only not desmentibles but also prevent it from pseudo-cientificas. Such is the case of Marxism or psychoanalysis of Freud. These theories that seek to explain everything, they don’t actually explain nothing. For example, Marx predicted that if wages decreased, it was because the capitalists were exploiting workers, and if they loomed, was because the capitalists were attempting to resurface, through a series of bribes, a system that appeared weakened. With these predictions, it is impossible to refute these theories Popper regarded, therefore, antiscientific and false, as well as dogmatic and not rational. Other (not rational and dogmatic) this same nature sciences are: Astrology, creationism, homeopathy, parapsychology, Numerology and ufology, among others.

Fair, on the opposite side is Einstein, whose attitude was considered by Popper as the true scientific attitude since Einstein was critical of his theory of relativity and offered crucial experiments that could disprove it. On the other hand the study of science does not correspond with the development of this. This is subject to economic interests and together with the technique, used in away from science fields (for example, the use of nuclear energy, whose principles are based on scientific discoveries, has come to be used for military purposes). So it is important that the attitude of the scientist is to contribute to knowledge and the promote the study of the science in question, along with others that offer support to not move away from his human purpose (Bioethics, for example) which is to reach the truth. We came to the conclusion that the scientific arguments are distinguished from the pseudo-cientificos by the use of a particular criterion of demarcation. Once this is established, we can easily know whether or not science. Really difficult, and perhaps impossible, is to establish a genuine criterion of demarcation, i.e., mark the boundaries of science. Anyway, science works and proof of this is the practical use that is made of their findings through technology. It should not be forgotten that science is a knowledge that seeks the truth. In addition, it seems that it is the most reliable and safe. By that, everyone who cares about fostering their scientific knowledge is directing in any way toward the truth or a part of it. There are knowledges which enjoy the title of science since decidedly lead toward truth; others, of the pseudo-ciencia, perhaps because his journey towards truth is somewhat mysterious and away from rationality. These knowledge areas are waiting to be accepted by science, as if the pseudo-ciencia is a step prior to this inside stairs that climb toward the truth.



In which degree influences the capacity to be related to the people at the time of establishing a business? To this question, the answer of greater serious census to recognize than both actions is directly ligatures, and that one influences in the other. Books and specialized magazines, expert that distribute courses on sale techniques, strategies to capture the attention of the client, managements of promotion, etc exist. All these have an objective common, and is to obtain that a positive connection between the salesman and the buyer exists. Next they are enumerated to way of recommendations, qualities to develop by a salesman, to lift that positive connection with the client. 1. Change of attitude on receiving, to a reciprocal attitude: to give and to receive.

A client goes to an establishment or site where they offer what she satisfies his necessity then. The attention that receives in that interchange must be complete as far as: information and amiability. Since both parts are in a situation gain-to win. An attitude on watch facilitates one fluid relation and of good results. 2. To transmit security and confidence.

In the interpersonal relation that arises in a purchase/sale, aspects of the personality like the voice, the image, the paid attention and the personal reconnaissance of the client; they are characteristics that transmit security and confidence, and facilitate the exchange of information as well. The voice signs and clear. A controlled voice, with a volume, clarity and shade of worked tones to avoid monotony; it is a determining factor and it is an infallible way to catch the attention of a client. A person who uses her voice like sale tool; she must put attention that the message that wishes to transmit is clear and simultaneously pleasant to the senses. The image.



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When the bread that is vendido to the population diminishes of size the Chamber determines the fine of 500 kings who to commercialize bread with inferior weight the two arrteis (Arrtel= 459 grams). To imprison indians stops to work in the farmings is justified for the fact of that, lacking to arms for the work and being indispensable the food production for the sustenance of the families, the citizen is not enslaving e, yes, ' ' searching its remdio' '. But the indians, very docile, make any service with great pleasure and between them carpenters, shoemakers and teceles count themselves. They are always ready to follow the flags route to the first hinterland and are a if to prepare for a war against the indians of the South, its traditional enemies. Hundreds of indians in the farms met (the religious ones also had its) and were called ' ' heathen of terra' ' , ' ' parts forras' ' , ' ' people of the Brasil' ' , after all, nobody could enslave them. The Chamber recognized that they were living of the land and that, therefore, it was better to be in the farms under the protection of the law of what embrenhados in the forests. It was common the indians to walk in the village armed of arcs and arrows and rifles, giving shots and provoking skirmishes. Chamber forbade such strolls and determined: arrest of who if found in the village carrying rifles, apprehension of the weapon and fine of 4$000 (four a thousand kings) for its proprietor. In July of 1682 a group of irritated natives of So Paulo if congregates in the front of the Chamber. The notice arrives of that the Pope condemned the slavery of the indians and, for this reason, or if they took off ' ' escravos' ' or the proprietors would have to pay per item pataca stocking.



Do you need to be able to be located outside of your own thinking and? his feelings for a successful connection with their Los Angeles and their spiritual guides, that most of the people there make use of channelers, to get contact with the spiritual side. the channelers are capable of turning off their consciences and subconciencias temporarily, which allows it to receive any kind of information that comes from the spiritual area, if the aim is to speak with the angels or guides of any person in particular, channelling will know where to go to get that contact, regularly a channelling also can contact with any entities, either deceased or living people that is not possible to locate by X or and reason. But if what you want is to reinforce a relationship and located at the point where owns a relationship very intimate with their los angeles and archangels, simply must make the decision that that what is really desired, and work on it, all aboslutamente all humans have the ability to reach them, to listen, to hear them and see them alsolo What happens is that not all have their senses awake psychic, and that makes things, if you have the time and necessary discipline, as achieved in a short time. This meditative exercise was perfected over time and in view of the needs of my audience who was always so needy for that brotherly connection with their los angeles more personal, thank you with all my heart I give to my own Divine messengers, Angels and archangels who have always been there to respond to the needs of humans, especially for those helpless and lonely people, who many times do not have on hand the ability to clearly see their own ways of life, I have learned over the years that angeles los messengers have a wonderful and joyful Guild for taking care of us, protect us, encourage us, and be our floor at times critics…I never tired of thank you for all the wonderful help that I have received in life, part of my beloved daily companions of my los angeles and archangels.



1) Historical context: Brazil lives a moment was after Revolution of 30, revolution that the structure deeply changed of Brazilian State started to take care of more the social and economic necessities of the country. With this, the governing had started to stimulate the expansion of the urban activities and dislocating the productive axle of agriculture for the industry, establishing the bases of the modern Brazilian economy. But, the Brazilian still was very unbelieving in traditional liberalism, when the integralistas and socialist ideals were strong gifts, and in constant consequence divergence. 2) Utility of the book: Holland when making an analysis of its book Roots of Brazil, salient the importance that was the Portuguese settling had for the formation of the culture. Logically these influences had not been only of the Portuguese the indian and the black importantssimo had also had a paper. Soon the formation of the Brazilian appears of the mixture of these three races the Portuguese has its proper characteristics to culture and mainly the politics forms of organizing this new conquered people. 3) Linguajar of the book: The narrative style of the book is of documents, therefore she is erudite, interpretativa, objective, eminently literary and artistic. To study the relations between the style and the historical interpretation in its books is a true intellectual challenge, therefore the problems most vital and more contemporaries in the quarrel of the nature of the historical knowledge and the methods of representation of the past arise, between which avulta the study of the paper that plays the construction of the narrative in the interpretation processes histrica' '. 4) Subject of the book: Roots of Brazil were published in 1936, this workmanship caused a great impact in the Brazilian society. Therefore its workmanship if opposed the divergia in what House Grande and Senzala was considered in the historiografia of the book de Gilbert Freire.