When we speak of food technology we refer to a specialized science in which there is a study and accurate analysis of food according to the conception of the food microbiology, where his physical and chemical configuration is also investigated by examining their properties, nutritional content, and its viability to be a potential staple for human beings. In what refers to food chemistry is clear to say that at this point is studied all those processes of chemical character that make part of the conception of an artificial food because organic food such as fruits, vegetables are not heavily modified, although today the food industry has been responsible for optimizing organic potentializing their nutritional values with chemical processes that seek to increase their nutritional value. Precisely within food technology there is a branch that is responsible for designing and creating new food products with high nutritional values without leaving out the taste and the flavor, two factors that make it attractive to the eyes of any consumer a food. Food Engineering is the one as its name says it is responsible primarily for the creativity and the transformation of raw materials of food consumption in innovative products with longer life where their nutritional values are not lost. In this case and in synthesis food engineering is the part of the food technology which undertakes in a broad sense of the development of new foods, to which should be an important strategy which analyses the market and the needs of end users, discusses clearly as they are eating habits and then creates a product that will meet each of those needs present in the market. Last but not least, the food technology meets a very significant role in establishing the level of security and reliability that possess certain novel foods on the market. This is intended to prevent possible poisoning by a foodstuff without good processes of generation and likewise undertakes to eliminate those factors that are producing a prejudice or harm to humans within the food.