It could continue quoting my beloved Clementine Kruchinsky character of Kauffmann, who on more than one moment I felt performed especially in matters of childhoods solitary and disruptive; the truth in this precise moment I release of wanting peace of mind, but rather looking for something like a catharsis, or anything that me shudder, pretending to be a measure of more rebellious and radical as possible-, therefore I just stay with what’s not concept. At the age of twenty-five, I feel less complex than Britney and more prepared than the Hilton; With no weight relationship though various romps am not vestal, but nor am I consecrated the phallus. And yet, go I’ve had long and tortuous loves! usually ending in endless friendships and with a pinch of malice, but when my sentimentality aground, usually become a sincere affection, with the best wishes of well-being for this lolito that for some reason didn’t want me or gave me a chancee a kiss. But my dilemma It goes beyond my Express adventures and the incomplete loves, since I am writing because I want to be frank with my emotions: I am scrubbed by my own moons and other foreign satellites, which are my milky way, and even perhaps by other galaxies; and insistently ask myself why have so much influence in my stars? You readers know what I mean: people, family and as many pods. Mark me the abandonment, abuse, arbitrariness, voluntarism, selfishness, fear, lack of love, loneliness, remoteness of those who want to, deaths that charge and up to my own laziness. I am not only that, I am not a sad concept; It’s just that I feel like the irrevocable outcome of all that and much more. Sometimes I think that there are no siesta fiesta that get me out of this malaise; It may sound strange, but I think not depressive, but if impotent, obstructed, trapped in my unfinished desires.

Annoys me to do what I want is that my wishes are very strong? Since I cannot think that not I am able to. I need these days realize, fail to be hung by reflections, by the preconceptions surrounding me. No more. Daniela peace Diaz. Chilean. Original author and source of the article



Measurement of resistance with voltmeter and ammeter is the procedure that seems most sensible to taking into account the definition of ohm, but as we shall see it is often that provides less precise results. In it, the test element is powered by a continuous and stable voltage source and potential and intensity difference values are measured more simultaneously possible and with the relevant instruments. The resulting value of resistance is: R = U/I is important to point out that the assay values must be such that they do not produce unacceptable disturbance or damage to the element whose resistance is measured. The intensity of test must be such that it does not produce heating by Joule effect inadequate, mechanical stress of electrodynamic origin liable to cause shock or damage or that if the test item is a coil does not produce intensities or inductions of magnetic field that may alter the characteristics of cores or elements affected ferromagnetic. The accuracy of this procedure is directly linked to the accuracy with which the two electrical parameters are measured. With instruments of medium quality 0 is not exceeded? l % of uncertainty, and that once corrected the systematic errors inherent in the procedure.

Did precisions between 0? 5 and 5% can be usual therefore the use of this procedure is quite restricted and reserved for special measurements that cannot be carried quickly by other procedures.Nevertheless remains interesting study of this procedure because as you said, its alternative use is not disposable when instrumentation of high quality are available, or when the test to be carried out in special conditions. 2.1 Connections short and long short long connection connection Figure 7.1. Measurement of short connection and long connection resistances. The two connections shown in Figure 7.1 shows the two topological connection of the voltmeter and ammeter options. In the first, so-called short connection, the voltmeter is connected directly to the bomas of the element to be measured and subsequently fed to the corresponding voltage.

However the ammeter is placed in a branch that collects not only the intensity of the unknown resistance but also the consumed by the volt meter which provides a top to the proper indication, and therefore a resistance less than the real apparent value. This fact would require the use of instruments or systems voltimetricos which does not consume power such as electrostatic voltmeters or compensation procedures in rigor. Fortunately, in the majority of cases cannot ignore this demand without excessive loss of precision. In the second, so-called connection long, is the ammeter that is positioned directly in the same branch of the element to be measured and therefore sharing with this same intensity, while the meter is powered by the unknown tension increased in the voltage drop that intensity produces in the Amperimetrico.como in the above instrument cannot ignore the use of measurement procedures of intensities without voltage drop which today can only be by compensation procedures. If you want to know more about measurement of resistances with ohmmeter, visit Amperis instrumentation ohmeters. Original author and source of the article.



We are proud to offer you the best advice so that you can rest well. This time talk about research that has stated the following: turn off the lights in the House 2 hours before going to bed, shall have a better sleep. First and foremost, we believe that the best thing is to cite the source of this information, so you will find much more in. This already is thinking came about long ago, the only thing that now found in a scientific manner. The people in charge of this study came to the conclusion that not just enough to turn the lights off when going to sleep, but it is important to do so at least 2 hours before. Now, the question you’re doing us are imagining: of how affects the light in the dream? Well, the issue is as follows. Our body contains a hormone called melatonin, which is directly related to the rest.

The same decrease in contact with light. So if we are very exposed to the electric light, the level of melatonin It will drop significantly, and that will make us not sleep very well. If you want to have a larger picture about the behavior of melatonin in our body, it is necessary to know that the same increases greatly from the night, being its peak 2 hours after having reconciled the dream, time in which again reduce. To such an extent influences the light on melatonin, which, if by any chance we get to sleep with the light on, our body would lose about 50% of this hormone. How can then fail to recommend you do case to those who know and avoid having the lights on your House at least 2 hours before you go to sleep? Do not hesitate a moment, your dream will thank you. where the latex mattresses are well cheap. Buy mattresses at a very low price. Original author and source of the article.