Fashion in men’s footwear continues, one more year, betting on lines of shoes that combine effectively to wishful thinking, the stylish comfort more sports and youth. We can distinguish this type of details even in men’s footwear lines more sober and elegant, designed rather to events of importance. But where most are reflected in shoes every day, where the men of today demanded an attractive and innovative design as well as a comfort beyond all doubt. In a society that encourages people to spend most of the day away from home, having an optimum quality footwear and allow us to walk comfortably anywhere without feeling fatigue is something fundamental. Shoes Clarks mens 2010 show a style based on sports footwear, and some models even have reminiscences of athletic shoes with strips of velcro, all emblematic of the 1980s closure.

But it is in the line of shoes with laces where this trend, that surely is better distinguished are It will keep for quite a while. Also noteworthy sexy shoes without laces, a complete renovation of the moccasin from years ago but adapted to the new times in this case. In you will find shoes Clarks especially designed for men who seek the comfort and above all without giving up the latest in innovation and design.



Clinicas Vital Dent, in its commitment to sport and children’s health, has sponsored the Circuit Sports Camp for children between 5 and 12 years that was held last July at the Club Las Arenas de San Benito. The aim of this Circuit Sports Camp is to promote sport and important values such as companionship, respect, tolerance and improvement. Through this sponsorship, Vital Dent also want to educate the younger population of the importance of maintaining good oral health. Vital Dent Clinic of Don Benito is located at Calle Ayala, 5, and has become a benchmark for oral health for all residents of the area. This action is part of the philosophy of the company to bond and participate actively in the life of the town where the clinic is located.



Sport fills all aspects of our everyday life. There is no doubt in this respect that it is a hobby worldwide, not only for Spaniards, but also for all the citizens of the planet. In the case of Spain, just take a look to the daily newspapers or news of the day to realize that sport occupies a privileged place in the current landscape of our country. Thus, there is sports specialized press with daily or weekly or monthly magazines as well as a section dedicated exclusively to the sport in the news of the day. Sport draws much attention, and in addition to a fun and an evasion, can be a way of making us with extra money through betting. Betting online sports thanks to the forefront of Internet and the evolution they have experienced new technologies, today is possible to make sports bets in an electronic form. While until a few years ago we had to go to the traditional home of gambling, it is no longer necessary to waste time moving us up there. There are multiple platforms that offer us the possibility of making sports bets without having to leave the House, comfortably from the intimacy of our home and without having to give up the services and benefits of a traditional local.

In this way, on the platforms will find all categories of sports betting: football, tennis, basketball, motorcycling, formula 1, horse riding there is no sport for which not able carry out betting. Bookmakers with warranty you’re thinking that, actually, the idea of making bets online is very good, but that on the other hand there may be not much security. If that is what you believe, it is necessary that you leave your error. Bookmakers are absolutely safe, because they are designed to ensure maximum privacy and discretion of the user. Also, payment systems are adapted to the directives of the European Union, so that all the rules are followed. As you can see, paramount for these homes is the guarantee of quality offered. By something thousands already are users that are using them.



Mendoza is the land par excellence of adventure sports. A place that seems intended to live intense emotions and become addicted to the adrenaline. Tourism in Mendoza opens up a range of almost inexhaustible possibilities to enjoy a world of adventure and vertigo that the city, with their worries and burden seems to be very, very far. Absolute beginners may enter this fascinating universe through trekking, or hike through areas circuits, in this case, high mountain. In its entirety, Mendoza offers tours for all tastes. You could almost say that the province is, all she, an immense plot planned for this kind of excursions.

For this reason, there are offers for all tastes and possibilities: from simple circuits for beginners up to demanding adventures for the most courageous and trained. Those who are just starting in this activity can opt for short, no more than a few hours of duration walks, which focus on the beauty of the landscape and the local fauna contemplation, without requiring too much effort or physical sacrifices. The Potrerillos dam and the Atuel River Canyon provide a perfect for this type of trips framework. To begin to live the adventure of trekking does not lack that have comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Essential: the dark glasses, water and sunscreen. Another fun activity to start in sports of adventure is rafting.

And the Mendoza River, a place to practice it that attracts tourists from all over the world. In its waters the tumultuous waterfalls and the gentle backwaters, occur in succession that will delight those who love this sport. To enjoy rafting is not needed more than participate prior safety talk, dress mandatory protective equipment – jacket and helmet – and follow the instructions in the Guide. The Mendoza river rafting in addition to his intense emotion the extra to be able to enjoy a truly unforgettable landscape. Imposing mountains and steep valleys that the visitor, already fully interested in extreme sports can leverage for abseiling, a technique of descent by stone walls to through a pulley, a rope and harness. Another proposal for tourism in Mendoza that, say those who know, comes to generate true addiction.