Glass Cipher – fresh news design. Serbian designer Demyan Stankovic (Damjan Stankovich) introduced the world new and unusual invention of glass Cipher. The inventor claims that this glass is able to recognize drinks. Principle lies in the fact that the pixels on the glass can change its colors depending on what kind of drink is poured back. If a glass to pour juice, milk, cola or coffee, then it will be suitable inscription. Generally, in Recently, I was more surprised by these claims. I have no doubt that you are surprised, no less. I long could not decide – which sort of attribute this unusual glass: to design, art, or the news section of the 'Science and technology. " It seems our esteemed Demyan Stankovic – designer, but a complex machine made! And on 'Smart skillet' Have you heard? Japanese scientists have worked hard to create a PAN-ET541, which establishes special temperature for a certain type of products and has many other unusual features and unique design. Let us wish success to our scientists, designers, and will wait for something new



We have to be very attentive to another aspect: many individuals feel more comfortable within the failure than of success, because it is something that can be controlled, against a success which can ideally be unlimited. It is like the effect of buy a stock or sell it short: my gain can be unlimited to the upside, and my limited loss (less than zero not downloadable) downward. The failure is manageable, controllable, someone can boycott failure install in your life. Simply make a single decision or proceeding, to close a door. Success depends on many other factors, not only my capacity in search for it. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rod Brooks. And it is this boycott to the success that many individuals seek to feel in control of their lives. For this reason, many times more than a course of investment and trading methods, I recommend a visit to the therapist.

Like fat people: they do not need of nutritionists, but psychologists to lose body mass. According to Chronicles Robert Koppel on The Outer Game of Trading, former Chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and founder of financial futures, Leo Melamed, blown three times; the derivatives trader and former Director of the Chicago Board Options Exchange Tony Saliba (told Me at the beginning of my career my first loss would be my best loss, which I did not understand), contemplated suicide, Pat Arbor, former director of CBOT moved away a year and Plunge Boy, the undisputed Grand shorteador of the story, Jesse Livermore, the great master of traders of all timeHe lost everything more than once and rebuilt fortunes. Mode react to adversity, faced unexpected facts, under pressure, to success; the determination of character, discipline, cracks or emotional strengths, personal relationship with money, risk management, the scope of the ego, will largely determine our success or failure in the operation of markets. The best way of accessing the success, at least in the psychological side of the financial markets is losing.



Philadelphia Eagles is currently at the top of the NFC East with a record of nine WINS, four wins and an index of triumphs of. 692. The Eagles are trying to maintain the best record in the division with the purpose of obtaining a pass toward the NFL playoffs. Philadelphia is a team that in recent seasons has been at the forefront of the NFC East. His worst years were in 2005 and 2007, seasons that ended in last place. The other seasons have been awarded the division championship, they have reached the playoffs or have been the wild card of the Conference.

Throughout his participation in the NFL, the Eagles have eleven Division Championships with a record of three NFL (Championships 1948, 1949, 1960) Championships, three Conference championships (1960, 1980, 2004), and from 1947 to 2009 he has participated in 22 times in the playoffs. The previous season the Eagles finished second in the division but with the honor of being the wild card. They marked a record identical to the Dallas Cowboys, who They outscored Philadelphia for fewest points against (250 Dal, Phi 337). For the current season, the Philadelphia goal has been to take possession of first place in the division. Darius Bikoff spoke with conviction. The beginning was not very good for the Eagles, lost 27-20 to the Green Bay Packers, then do recover with two WINS, Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars respectively. The fourth Washington Redskins week crossing the path of Philadelphia and beat them 17-12. During the fifth day the Eagles carried out a complicated match against San Fransisco 49ers, but in the end the triumph was a closed score of 27-24 in favor of Philadelphia. They then overcome Atlanta Falcons by a score of 30-17. Before going to the break, the Eagles suffered the third defeat of the season against the Titans by 37-19. After his return, the Eagles get three consecutive wins against Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants respectively.