Before that, he was involved in many excavations produced in Egypt. He, as you know, was archaeologist. MOM told me that the grandfather found a Queen of Egypt wanted to add to it tell me your grandfather, along with other archaeologists history, what they found an intact stone figure, only the left eye pupil and small fragments of the ears missing. RPtargetId%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards told us the story. He wore a very high Crown of blue color, with bright red, blue and green stones, which assumed that this would be an ancient Queen of Egypt called Nefertiti. I wanted to hear but my eyes were closed, I felt like me going to another place, to the ancient kingdoms of the Nile.

The waters of the Nile were marking the trajectory of our destination, the town of Akhetaton or what we also called the horizon of Aton. Aton was our God, in Egyptian means Sun. Riverbanks is filled with peasants, from the nearest villages. Everyone questioned my origin, it was Egyptian, it was a Queen of Asia before, my pharaonic Crown me pitiable, now would be the Queen of Egypt. It took care of my face showed indifference between those looks so not withdraw importance to the power that I had been granted. Sun started to join us again on our journey and, probably, I could see in the distance several times to Pharaoh waiting for me but was only mine illusions. Remained much reach and my idea fixed represent power was distorting with boredom.

It was then when I checked multiple exotic animals that I found on the ceramics they came to my city were certain. On firm ground and drinking from the Nile could contemplate one another brief appearance of a lion, a giraffe, a horse and a crocodile. None of them trace my presence or if they did it they allowed that it continue happening unnoticed.