For the expansion of our capacity, the equity position will be built up further. The FA gardener & Karli GesmbH from Villach / Carinthia / Austria has since 2007 / 2008 and the first half of 2009 by constant quality and communication improvements many regular customers for the procurement of their high-quality, technical articles are convincing and expected many profitable orders for the next few years. As an innovative service provider with excellent experienced staff, G & K provides high-quality technical articles from Italy, China, India and Viet Nam. G & K a consumption law participation 9% offered now interested investors p.a. plus a participation of pro rata up to 11% of the net profit. G & K is internationally well positioned with settlement and inspection in Ningbo / China, New Delhi / India and Viet Nam, Haiphong.

G & K earned on revenues from currently Euro 2,5 million p.a. safe 12% yield. Some longtime customers like Infineon, STIHL, POLYTEC, Starlinger, SCHEUCH, Rettig, say, bird & Our economic advantage Noot, Franconian, Magna Steyr, Abnox, Brotje, Borowski in the crisis. By the early death of our founder Mr Krucker 3 years ago as 100% is family business of the 41 Michaela Gartner as Managing Director and financial manager with the internationally experienced technical director Gert Dortschack, many years of experience in the international plant and apparatus construction, well versed in all technical and commercial areas including quality management, controlling and marketing. With its innovative, highly trained personnel, they pitched the gardener & Karli GesmbH to a competitive, efficient company. For the expansion of their capacity, the equity position will be built further. G & K is accompanied on the placement of experienced, longtime successful capital market experts. Dr.

Werner financial services AG (www.finazierung-ohne-bank.de) carries out the placement management and supports the companies on the over-the-counter Capital market. The participation offer allows maximum of 20 investors to acquire a stake in this highly specialised service providers. G & K now offers a performance-oriented participation as a performance-oriented rights with nominal repayment claim the off-exchange market. The minimum term is 5 years.