In such a way, then in January, the new management all removed the money of the application in the value of R$ 500,000, 00 and acquired 100 new machines. The focus of the company started to be the production of notebooks for having good exit in the market and a good edge of contribution. With this, searching if to detach of the competitors the company it invested in research and development of this peripheral and, therefore, increased its production. JAN In as the month the new management opted to keeping great part of the strategy adopted in the previous month; this with bigger reduction in the cost of stockage and increase of its capacity manufacter, with this the company acquired 20 new machines, starting to have an installed capacity of 1020 machines. As it had total sales of the supply of Workstations we increase the value of this peripheral of R$ 4,800 for 4.899. FEV In March the objective was to finish with the supply of desktops that it had sobrado of the previous month, and for this, the company carried through a promotion of these peripherals, reducing the value of R$ 1,500, 00 the unit for R$ 1,399, 00. After to analyze the sales of Workstations and the cost with this product to the new management decided to change the price of R$ 4,899, 00 for R$ 5,099, 00, beyond increasing the production in 20 units. 20 In the room management month the company continued its strategy to increase its capacity manufacter with the acquisition of 20 new machines, passing with this to have an installed capacity of 1040 machines..