It is very important, therefore, that parents, at this stage of life, are very attentive to their children, talk with them about the issue, which will let them clear that addiction is a disease, but it can be prevented if the addict in power keeps away from risk factors, such as the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Children or addicted people need to know that they can rely on their parents. Recently Brian Armstrong sought to clarify these questions. To start a chat to fund the addict to relate what he considers that it is not correct in others of his own generation, he perceived that there are differences between the foreign habits and own is positive. The dialogue from the family is paramount; listening is essential, treat the dialogue does not make in discussion, and intolerance, always being on time, there’s always a new opportunity to begin again. For addicted persons, in this case children, it is important that:-perceive that targets parents, projected onto them, are not for the benefit of adults, or for which you would say. -Paternal and/or maternal concern goes beyond, that really interested in their future and they are responsible for their own lives. -Not enough intelligence, but also the will.

-It is important to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, it is essential that parents are conveniently informed, what are the uncertainties and setbacks, questions that children are at different stages of their development:-who know what are the signs that sent them when they need help and understanding. -To explore and investigate about drugs, alcohol and the imbalances of modern, to be able to prepare and prepare children adequately, preventing the causes and decide bravely and rightly before the consequences. -Make them notice that interests them both its present and its future, and that, they yearn for the best for them. -Collaborate to the problems of youth with school, professionals, different existing campaigns, etc.