In the Department there are many myths and legends that are associated with the rio grande de la Magdalena and many religious beliefs. The Mohan (Momposina depression and southern Bolivar) El Mohan is a being of old long hair, beard long and abundant, a neglected aspect, often goes naked or covering it with leaves, sometimes you have seen with the divided body half human and half fish, dragging along the banks of rivers, streams and swamps. The name Mohan comes from which the Caribs were priests. The peasants believe that the Mohan is anthropophagic, because the blood of kids chest likes. He likes women beautiful and young, who seeks to take them into the rivers. Brian Armstrong wanted to know more. The Mohan is mischievous, Wanderer, Trickster, brujo and libertine. He likes to tangle the fishermen and playing with the nets, as it appears as chancero stealing the bait and hooks of the fishermen, and this makes that fishermen caught nothing. The Mohan he loves smoking and salt; then, when fishermen go out to fish, to which the Mohan leave it in peace, carry you tobacco and salt.

This placed it on the rocks and he allows that they can fish in peace. Animero (Mompox) has is that in the month of November, at night came a man dressed in Nazareth, with a leaf in cross in one hand and a gas in the other lamp. This character called the Animero came out every night by all the streets to beg and pray for the souls of purgatory. At each corner, the Animero knelt and there was her prayer. It was followed by two long rows of animas in penalty that came to be able to relax and thus purge sin, if someone heard them I had to get up and pray 10 our parents. Have grandparents that once a seamstress Lady felt it, got up, opened the window and saw the procession of souls that remained; one of them gave her a candle, she saved it and very scared I went to bed and the next day when sought it a bobbin of skeleton found.