As attention politics the health is directed to expand the public assistance, intending practical of care that searchs an approach more effective of the principles of the completeness, equity and universality with the necessities of the population. (OF SOSA, et al, 2009, P. 2). The PID of the SUS is composed for the basic team where a doctor, a nurse, two technician/nurse aid and a driver and, formed for the constituted matrical team of a social assistant, a physiotherapist are gifts, a nutritionist, one administrative technician. For each service Matrical team will have 01 and a Coordinator. As it affirms the Health department (BRAZIL, 2003), the carried through actions of health I domiciliate in it in the context of basic attention, incorporate the following characteristics: they understand systemize, articulated and regular actions; they are pautam in the completeness of the actions of promotion, recovery and whitewashing in health; it is destined to take care of the necessities to it of health of one determined pursuing of the population with functional losses and dependence for the accomplishment of the activities of the daily life; they are developed by means of work in team; density is used of technology of high complexity and low; they must be developed by the teams of Health of the Family or for the professionals who act in the Basic Attention in the Traditional Model It is standed out that the program of Domiciliary Internment of the SUS does not happen of so simple form and so that has its functioning had been instituted some criteria of inclusion and exclusion. The first criterion of inclusion is come back to more than prioritize the attendance of aged with 60 years and that they are carrying of: agudizadas degenerative chronic illnesses, of patologias that need palliative cares, of provisory or permanent functional incapacity; to possess cuidador qualified to give the cares guided for the team of Hospital Internment; to inhabit in city that possesss drinking waters, electric energy. .



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