HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN the ENVIRONMENT OF WORK Jssica Raquel Academic Zimmermann of 5 Semester of the Course of Business administration, of the Institute of Superior Education of Gois? IESGO. August Jorge Gomes Academic Ribeiro of 5 Semester of the Course of Business administration, of the Institute of Superior Education of Gois SUMMARY This study objectified to describe innumerable ways of if reaching the quality of life in the work environment, that consequentemente is primordial factor for the maintenance of the health of the employees of a company. The Security of the Work, essential part of Human resources, influences in aspects as motivation, productivity, and health of the employees. The correct definition of the term health still generates controversies, however in this research was distinguished it definition given for the World-wide Organization of the Health. Necessity becomes to detach the public companies and private they are the responsible ones for the existing conditions in the work, and must develop in the employees conscience of the importance of an alteration in its style of life, searching of this form a physical and mental balance, reaching, in this way, the quality of life in the work. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: security of the work; health; quality of life.

1. INTRODUCTION All person has right to the worthy work, so that thus it can reach and guarantee its subsistence, becoming fullfilled itself personally and professionally. However, the complaints of workers and unions with the indifference in the conditions of the work environment are frequent, as for example the exposition of the worker the products that affect its health, very extensive hours of working, attitudes that reach its psychological health, as moral siege and sexual siege, among others. It is to have of the employer to guarantee to its employees and collaborators a work environment that provides a quality of life, obeying the legal disposals that conduct the substance.