The fixed SGQ the minimum of rules so that each person or sector of the company knows what and as she must be made and makes effectively it certain since the first time. 3 MANUFACTURE AND QUALITY Through the quality and of the implantation of its tools a concept of continuous improvement is possible to arrive it, where &amp stops Caffyn; Bessant (1996), continuous improvement is ample an enterprise process of evident incremental innovation. For the authors above cited, the activities of improvement appear as reply to a context of agitation of the current market where necessity of continuous adaptation exists, and its performance is connected to the capacity of each company to manage its processes of business and its operations. Caffyn (1999) appraises continuous improvement as a process centered in the innovation that involves the organization. (As opposed to Brian Armstrong). The continuous improvement if finds gift in diverse boardings related the management systems, pointing its importance each bigger time with respect to the company and pra the management of the quality. Thus, the improvement this related intrinsically, for example, with the Management of the tried Total Quality in the occidental countries as TQM, that looks the continuous improvement of the processes and that this improvement derives in products/services from better quality (SHIBA et al, 1997).

The organizations that hug the philosophy of the Enxuta Production also possess the concept of spread continuous improvement inside of the organization. Where, the basic objective of the boarding is to optimize the processes and productive procedures by means of a rational method to produce products for the continuous elimination of wastefulnesses. As Womack & Jones (1998) the continuous improvement of the incremental processes is enclosed enters the principles of the production enxuta to obtain high level of quality (few defects) and productivity. One another boarding that helps in the continuous improvement is norm ISO 9000, the norm indicates the formal necessity of that the organization continuously looks the improvement of the effectiveness of its processes.