Cart cart Pour the fastest way as in Windows release some disk space. At least then when the files you first moved to the cart and only then are removed completely. Volume basket Capacity basket preinstalled. After installing the operating system, its volume is 10% of the disk. At 320GB drive is a decent 32 GB. For even more analysis, hear from The Hayzlett Group. That is correct. Right-mouse click on the icon of the basket and choose Properties.

A window will appear where you can set the size of the basket for each disk. At the same time you can disable the use of the basket – in this case, the files will be removed permanently. Decrease in the size Baskets will achieve what you it will not smolder hundreds of files that you deleted months ago. Disk Cleanup Another way how to get more space on the disk is to use the Shoe drive. The tool will analyze your computer and identify files that can be removed. Usually we are talking about several tens – hundreds of megabytes.

Attention! Standard marked only the files that you delete can not be cause any harm. List of files to delete, so it is possible to select and study some of the additional features offered. After several months of using Windows Vista to me this tools offered to delete 38,7 MB of data, but if they were wiped out all the proposed items would have 6,31 GB of additional space. Another possibility to obtain additional disk space is to reduce the file size swap (Control Panel – System – System Properties – Advanced tab – Performance – Advanced tab – change the virtual memory), odinstallirovanie unused programs or, in Version Ultimate, removal shadow copies of files.