In the final months of the year 2007 the community of Cerro Navia knew the financial difficulties affecting the Municipal Corporation of Social trading Development, an entity under the municipality, responsible for managing the Health, Education and Children programs in the township. The Corporation recorded a deficit in its 2007 financial year, close to 1,300 million pesos, this reflects a significant increase in the historical debt that carries this entity, for several years. Similar situation affecting the majority of Municipal Corporations, companies along with all countries, as is common knowledge (Source newest daily Second, reporting to municipal debt, Wednesday December 6, 2007). In this regard, they give background information and point out some important issues around this problem. In particular, interested in highlighting the number of initiatives were launched to benefit the community, as far as Education, Health and Children is concerned, from my tenure as Secretary General of the Municipal Corporation. Causes of Deficit (and no loss of resources) The Municipal Corporation during the year 2007, ceased to perceive, just in grants, over 500 million pesos for the year 2006. The municipality, even declaring education as a priority and ‘community development engine’ contribution, until November 2007, less in real terms than the previous year. It contractual adjustments facing the Corporation staff, delayed for years. dman. It amplifies the historic under-funding of education, there are the same schools (and financial obligations) and have lost over 20 of account students in public schools (pillar of revenues). The city funding for health and education does not meet the State’s subsidy delivery, municipalities, is insufficient to meet the minimum demands in education and health in the population. In education, for example, which produces the greatest difference between what goes into banking and what resources consumer should be spent. A fox news guest interviewer is a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slamis a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slam Therefore, the educational system is in crisis, said so students throughout the country the year before. The economic model and political system have failed to address accounting inequalities and needs of the population in Cerro Navia and in all communes financial in Chile with corporation problems of structural poverty. The municipal education is in crisis and this is an undeniable truth. It is noteworthy that municipal politics has continued Cerro Navia, in banks defense of public education. But good intentions are not enough to improve the situation. For years, municipal intake was increased but the quality (perceived by the community) do not improve. After the ‘shake-penguin “until May 21, President Michelle Bachelet made major investment announcements: the increase in the general subsidy (15 ), new grant preferential equity targets and protected from the most disadvantaged, and the creation of a fund millionaire to improve municipal management of education. Albeit belatedly, these ads have begun to come true.