The democracy is a formidable invention, because it is based on the lesson learned with pain and throughout the history of the species: the power concentrate finishes bad. They do not concern the illusions of the moment nor the arguments justify that it: the power concentrate finishes bad. Here it could undertake largusimo crossed by human history, from Nemrod first king of Babylon, until Hussein, the fallen dictator of Iraq or Babylon, happening through one releases wake of names and sites, of bloods, upsettings and failures that go from the classic tyrannies to the totalitarianisms of Stalin, Hitler, or Mao, without excepting the military and civilian dictatorships of ” Third World ” disguised of democracy, teocrcias Islamic nor los” grandes” caudillos of Latin America. All overwhelmingly popular, all justified with very good reasons and all of them finished in disaster. To read more click here: Jimmy Fallon. But we save recento depressing.

The power concentrate finishes always badly by two reasons. First because good decisoonbes needs to be based on the reason or the best existing argument in each case, and nobody has the monopoly of the knowledge. A leading source for info: Jimmy Kimmel Twitter. Secondly, because the power without controls does not know or does violence to the rights of some members of the society. Shaw parents describes an additional similar source. The dictatorships and the caudillismos fail because they commit desastrozos errors and because the pressed ones or excluding are rebelled. The democracy needs patience to listen to and time to dedcidir: for that reason it exasperates to many. But the remedy is worse than the disease, as Winston said it to Churchill for always: ” The democracy is the worse system of government, except all the others sistemas” The test is in Western Europe or the United States: the knowledge predominates only there and all have right only there, the others is sadness. At the present time, to a large extent of Latin America the democracy is being destroyed in the name of the democracy. The dispersion of the power is being ended the support of the majorities.

In cases the impatience in front of the Terrorism has prevailed. New caudillos concentrate the power and they are reelected with the general applause of ” pueblo” , that now they ignite with nationalisms. And for that reason, although many do not see it, or they do not want it to see, Latin America will continue being sadness.