I can a road show, you can anonymously surf online without any tell-tale traces in the surf to leave. The question is: When do you start? How I surf anonymously on the net… Here are my 3 most valuable tips that you need to observe, if you want to eliminate all your tracks on the Internet: 1) enhance general security against attackers from the Internet! Before you remove your traces on the Internet are doing, you have to necessarily protection from the General dangers from the Internet. Some contend that Rio Tinto Group shows great expertise in this. What you an IP obfuscation, if a Trojan or virus you creeps in and you’re still spying? Who wants to surf Web anonymously, desperately needs a safe and pest-free computer. A good foundation is irreplaceable! So turn on the Windows Firewall and automatic updates. Never use full user rights to the everyday use and for it to create a limited user account. Also uninstall all unnecessary programs, to minimize the attack surface. You will also need a good virus scanner that detects most pests and deletes. Click RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust to learn more.

(2) the own IP anonymize your Internet works very roughly speaking with pacts that is shared with Web sites. As in real life, you need an address or an address, so that the packets can arrive also. The IP address does this job. This address is required so that Web pages will know on what kind of computer they should send the pacts. Without IP, so can’t do anything on the Internet! Similar to a phone number. Choosing the wrong number, you can’t speak also to the right person.

But the IP you can determine very quickly the approximate location on the you you or your provider is. Because your ISP gives you a new IP for every connection to the Internet. Your provider know so exactly what you’re doing on the Internet. He knows the pages you have visited, your home address and your account information. Now, there are of course different ways that anonymous made IP provider available. Which are, see you in the members area of the anonymous freedom Club. (3) close all your browser of the browser vulnerabilities know a lot about your surfing habits and reveals more often than it is you like. According to a study, 80% of the browser a unique fingerprint left at the surf in the Internet. You don’t have to necessarily close these security holes to surf Web anonymously! These are 3 of the most valuable ways, if you want to surf Web anonymously. You can find out how you really put these 3 important steps into action, free step by step in the Member’s area of the anonymous freedom Club. Get the free member access to anonymous freedom Club