And It is clear to me if you can or you want to help me? You are directed to great corporative buyers, small businesses, or both? You operate at national level or only in your locality? Your visitors will understand what you mean with generic terms like Systems of businesses or total solutions of negocios" or you would have to be more specific and so you must to offer? I feel it jeopardize with the visitors? As we continued with ours conversation of " world real" , we began to find interest points common, personal as as much professional. We begin to feel that we can be related and this aid to that arises our relation from businesses. Then, your Web site must make again feel your visitor attracted, who your visitors want to know more of your business, your products and your services, but, from the point of view of its needs and I interest. And you must leave them in clear that you want to find those points of connection and to learn more envelope they. If the visitor does not feel like welcome, if she feels that they have left only looking for it the solution of his problems, if feels crushed, confused, or simply it is not interested in your site, leaves then it. Your site has an amazing number of manufacturers, products, or options without guide to know where to select them. The conversation imagines that you would have with a client in your store. You would find out what looks for and you would make several questions to help it to him to find the correct solution for his needs. Then, how you can reflect this process online? You could offer a page of " Aydame" that it guides your visitors through some Preguntas More frequent or other alternatives, as well as to provide connections that recommend products based on their answers.