Let transformed refrigerator! Dull white refrigerator turns into a painted chest, and handmade! This refrigerator will delight and surprise home and guests. Make it easy by any flower sets. And if the Shower require diversity, drawing is always possible to replace or restore the original appearance refrigerator. Unusual watch with a bright-green leaves you can do easily and quickly. They will become vivid detail in the interior and always will be eye-catcher. On the face opposite each other stick two leaflets of a set of young leaves from the collection of the online store The next two leaf cut along the contour, deviating from the edge of 5-6 mm.

Other leaves paste the entire circumference of the black box. Beyond the scope of the leaves carefully cut with scissors. The combination of black and green looks good, and juicy colors of leaves attached to the general picture of freshness. The original design of the bathroom. Revitalize and diversify the design of the bathroom can be relatively easily and quickly enough, and your desire to set window Venice from the collection of the online store

Venice – a of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its famous canals and architecture create a special lyrical mood. Marvel at this wonderful city, turn away in time from the daily hustle and bustle can be, without leaving home, thanks to this panel. Romanticism and the power of this painting will be a source of energy and good mood for the whole family. In wreaths of roses. A simple flower pot can over-year 'bloom' and become an original element of any interior. For This will require a bit of your imagination and set the Rose Stella from the collection of the online store In the center of the pot at random stick rosettes of you liked the set. Tentative schedule their position by removing a small piece of the protective layer of paper. Having the most successful song, remove the remainder of the protective layer and paste the items completely, accurately smoothing them from center to remove air bubbles. Solar cycle. Wooden tray sanded with sandpaper. Cover with white acrylic paint. The second layer of white paint applied after drying of the first. Compasses to draw in the center of the tray a circle with a radius of about 5 cm, and the second – stepping back from the edge of the tray about 6 cm surface of the tray between the two circles, as well as the outer side of the tray painted in light green color. Fine brush draw gold rims. After drying the paint coat colorless varnish. Glue sunflower seeds from the set of sun-Posolnuh collections online store We have shown only some examples of self-adhesive graphics to decorate the walls and interior. Sure you can find his original versions of these decorative elements to create a festive mood on the site an online store! Directory decorations for the walls and the interior: