What Chavez does not want to let Venezuelans know 7 August 2009 Chavez does not think and still not realized how weak that is before an economy weakening more and more resources depleting rapidly and with one diminishing support. Each step that gives shows improvisation and his inability to govern, making its management, an ordeal for the Venezuelan people. One of the few positive things can rescue from the international financial crisis is no doubt the impact that has had on inflationary pressures. Remember when to measured 2008 even listened to a resigned Chairman of the Central Bank of Chile, Jose De Gregorio, recognize that it would not rekindle the inflation rate within the target set until the middle of 2010. Currently, thanks to the impact of the crisis, the Chilean economy is experiencing deflation of prices and benchmark interest rates are at historical minimum levels. Venezuela lives a situation which escapes logic.

Your dynamic inflation cannot be It has slowed down but that is maintained with force. In July, the price index the consumer observed a monthly increase of 2.3% and a 26% inter-annual variation. The Venezuelan Government authorities themselves recognize expect an inflation rate of 28% for this year. Stagflation is the word that should be used in Venezuela to describe the situation of the Venezuelan economy. Up to the very same Chavez confirmed the stagnation of the economy: growth is slightly above zero or below zero would not be surprise. Confirmed the impasse but denied responsibility and was on the international financial crisis, the cause of all the ills of Venezuela. I think it is not necessary to remember the President Venezuelan that is him and his dictatorial attitude which has discouraged private investment premises and scared foreign capital of Venezuela which is reflected clearly in the economic activity, an activity that loses vitality not Chavez will probably recover while follow in the power.