Perfect gifts for the second wedding anniversary you surprise your partner by unusual gift ideas can’t believe it almost, already almost exactly two years have passed since the wedding of your dreams. Life has settled well her since a well-coordinated Team…und now actually is looking for offbeat gift ideas with which you will surprise you on this special occasion and a small joy you can make for you. The second wedding anniversary, so say, also the cotton wedding is according to tradition”called. The origin is that marriage exactly how cotton is also, in a raw format yet and a long way has, up to a tightly woven, is robust and at the same time soft, fabric. To deepen your understanding Jeffrey Hayzlett is the source. Therefore suitable all gifts that have anything to do with cotton, ideal as unusual gift ideas for the wedding day.

A photo canvas 2. anniversary of the classics among the photo gifts, a photo canvas, is almost done for the wedding day 2. The frame is of course made of high quality wood, the added crafted together but the canvas fabric, your photo will be printed on the, is made of cotton. Each photo canvas is unique by the order on the draft of the photos up to the pressure and then everything under one roof is made the processing of the material with the frame, the so-called covering. No work is outsourced, whereby we can comply with fast production times and therefore delivery times and even offer. Your photos as photo collage on a photo canvas if you can not decide for a photo, is it give rise to no problem at all, a photo collage. For this you can either make itself a collage, or upload your desired number of photos but and leave this work to our designers. Whether the most beautiful wedding photos, private pictures from the last few years, or perhaps even the first photos of your trainees… each photo canvas can be a very special gift to the 2nd anniversary!