The most recent colleges in distress decided to create independent departments or faculties, others grabbed their location to structural causes. And finally, there were institutions from an interpretation closer to what the business located in the field of economics, a situation that incidentally coincides with the political definition of our country. But if it was a problem locating the BA race Tourism within the Faculty, was no less problematic to place a matter of law within their respective degree (in Hospitality and / or Tourism).

From the beginning to argue this curriculum was seen as obvious that no matter could be absent legislation to complete the professional vision of the future, with the sector’s regulatory framework. And while, with some success, it was generally agreed that this knowledge should be located in the last or before last year of the race, not always worked on the key issues that should be based on any subject, namely: What taught?, How do you teach? and What is taught?. Hence, until recently it was not surprising given a program of any university and verify that the themes of the course were a kind of civil law, summarized and accelerated with some references to the laws of hospitality and travel agencies. Nothing more contradictory or away from the content, skills and values that the learner should incorporate this stage of their training. The underlying idea seems to have been: There should be a matter of law, without knowing exactly how or why, that the content is put the Advocate that the dictates and that is how we saw the absurdity of seeing Tourism students trying to figure out the degree of rights holders in a complex sequence, or questioning the differences between divorce and the separation of fact.