People who are a lot of walking, standing or sitting, as well as in sports and training with power loads just need to relax your muscles and give rest to his spine. In this case, it is important that it was a simple, efficient and modern means, using which you will forget about back pain and to relax your muscles after an aerobics or a long walk. You will come to the aid of gravity boots. Gravity, the shoes were designed in order to achieve the correct alignment for discharge back to the bar. Due to this, you will be able to engage in an inversion, without creating additional stress on your spine. Only inversion boots made of leather have such qualities as an extraordinary lightness, flexibility and strength of the material, coupled with the durability and superior comfort during inversion. Dual buckle with buckles are equipped with double lock system for added security.

Gravity boots are made of genuine leather, which is used for prosthetic parts. Very sturdy and reliable material environmentally friendly, which guarantees flexibility and ease of wear. Soft foam seal thickness of 1.6 cm for maximum comfort with minimal inversion. Just a few minutes of such training in day and you forget about back pain and spasms caused by overuse of muscles, stretch your spine and get incredible flexibility Gravity boots are recommended for use by doctors and successfully used in many countries. UNIVERSAL boots are suitable for users with different sizes of ankle and shin. Inversion is a natural way of stretching the spine, where the opening of joints, bearing in his entire weight of the person in conjunction with the force of gravity. At a time when the body rolls over and dies in this state, the force of gravity produces spinal traction, resulting in increased distance between the vertebrae, thus decreasing pressure on the discs and nerve roots.