fully guided to omit the truth. In parallel to everything this, registers pain here Ferraz family. I remember myself, that in the morning of 29/01/2010, sent an email the Rita Ferraz, in the attempt of being solidary for the difficult moment that its husband and my dear friend Rmulo Jose Ferraz crossed, therefore had passed for a delicate surgery of acute pancreatite e, given the gravity of its picture, I believe that around day 21/01, not> I know to the certainty, it are induced the state of eats for the doctors, procedure this that has for purpose to become the unconscious patient, diminishing the pain suffering to it and other bothering that after-surgical one can bring. If you would like to know more then you should visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Beyond lamenting the loss of a dear and very special friend, who knew even so it only virtually, but that one became so present in my life, moan its departure as of that it represented much more that person that we change untied commentaries for msn or that time and another one we change e-mails and messages for the Orkut. I insist on to stand out, that Rmulo was more than this in my life, beyond captivating with directed poems me and of the approach that the frieza of mechanics of the world of the Internet surpasses in the distance, was me a little of figure of father, friend, brother, eloquent poet, gala, friend, idoneous and psychologist, and made to this to feel me its lack in such a way as knew if it has years, therefore exactly with the difference of age between us, knew to be a man the front of its time, a time that the eloquence and the present time in its inferences translates it a rich person in love, dreams, optimism and much goodness, always made use to hear and worried in elaborating answers the height of the questionings that appeared in a simple chat, making of the Internet much more that a miditico resource that in allows a simple ones them to use a keyboard at a distance and yes, a good necessary to give a tone colorful and truthful to the life of a virtual contact! The most impressive in this to go and to come, is that, what me seems, the Rmulo and Adam had the same covered space of time in the UTI, will have been maken a mistake that its relatives correct me: day 21/01/2010 it are induced to the state of eats, evolving the death in the dawn of day 29/01, when Adam entered in eats, for reason of the beating still in the dawn of day 21/08/2009, also evolving the death in the dawn of 29/08.Muita coincidence, not? Exactly period, space of ingression in the UTI and same day and schedule of death, from there the coherent heading that I try to give to this text of relief: To understand, to accept! Why exactly to understand to accept? If to think detidamente on the heading of this substance, is not to be put off to question the life under a horizon of uncertainties. .