Byron Bay, Australia is the origin of UGG Boots Australia is located on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, where Australian surfers began wearing sweaters boots to keep feet warm between surf sessions. Located at the eastern end of the Australian continent, the town of Byron Bay forms a half moon of crystalline waters separated by natural barriers on several beaches with names like The Pass, Wategos and Cosy Corner. At the end of the 1960s and early 1970s, surfers discovered these beaches and began to go in small groups for riding the excellent waves. They remained there for weeks and many were looking for ways to keep the feet warm and dry. Due to the abundance of the skin of sheep in Australia, surfers often calzaban handmade sweaters slippers that gave them heat, comfort and helped them avoid moisture. That was how settled the bases of a brand that would later become a global phenomenon. COMES love southern CALIFORNIA in 1978, Brian Smith arrived in Southern California charged with a bag of sweaters boots and a lot of hope. He had fallen in love the feeling of carrying these boots and was convinced that one day the world would share their hobby.

Long beaches of Southern California had become the epicenter of an informal and relaxed, lifestyle a lifestyle that Brian believed was ideal for your brand. So he founded the UGG brand and began to sell their sweaters boots, which immediately caused a sensation. In the mid 1980s, the UGG brand became the symbol of the culture of Southern California and became increasingly more popular in surf shops and other establishments on the coast of California, from San Diego to Santa Cruz. UGG boots began to leave the beach and began to appear in towns both large and small, in all strata of society. The girls combined their surfers boyfriends with a University jacket UGG boots. In winter, the UGG boots made his appearance in ski stores and Mammoth to Aspen Mountain refuges.

The UGG brand began to represent to sports fans who wore a relaxed but active style of life. In addition, he began to develop an emotional connection and a true feeling of love for UGG boots, just as Brian had predicted. People put not only UGG boots, but they love them and not they could remove. At the end of the 1990s, celebrities and the fashion world began to pay attention to the UGG brand. It was then when there was a cultural change: people began to adopt a more informal and relaxed lifestyle with pride, and the UGG brand became one of its symbols. In 2000, the love that had arisen in the beaches became informal style icon. It was then when this love of UGG boots was extended East of the United States, on the other side of the Rocky Mountains and in Chicago. In 2000, sweaters UGG boots appeared on the program of Oprah, who emphatically declared his love for his UGG boots. From then on, the rest of the world began to pay attention to them.