Who brings the learning itself, learn effective why learning often difficult us, even if we’re interested in a particular topic? The answer is often too little notice us and our needs in learning. The human head is no empty vessel into which you can fill knowledge freely. A trick that hardly anyone knows and when, then takes it seriously, is to take seriously the own learning needs. Find out what interests you most in the respective moment. What can you enjoy currently? And then you start right there in learning. Ineffective learning endangers the motivation forget the idea of the Nuremberg funnel through which you can introduce the knowledge directly into your head. This method is highly ineffective, because she ignored your own learning pace. It almost never happens that is interested in a person for a subject from the front to the back of the piece.

There are always areas for which it is currently more inspire as for others. If you respect these preferences, you can make much more effective your learning and memorize more in less time. Jeffrey Hayzlett is actively involved in the matter. Their motivation will be preserved and not be destroyed through wrong learning, because you know that you now really want to learn this stuff. Self driven learning works best learning works most effectively if you do it for yourself. Their motivation will be higher when you start learning at the exact point, currently the most you are interested in. This is because that you control your learning yourself and customize your personal interests. You learn not for someone else, but for themselves.

You want to really understand the course material and remember. This setting is learning faster and is more sustainable. Even without additional methods you are can learn faster, because you articulate your emotions through self control. The facts are no longer cold and lifeless, but have to do with you and awaken in you a fire of enthusiasm. Organization facilitates learning the only challenge with this method is the organization. You must complete book about what content you have already learned and what not. In this way you can enter always right there in their learning, where it just drags you, without risk, something to see. With a little discipline can make your learning much functional and memorize the content much better. This is achieved while studying or in training as well as in the daily reading of papers in the Office. On this Web page to find a total of 20 short videos with further tips on the topics of reading strategies, learning, memory, and motivation!