And if you do not have time to drown out the engine in time, everything will be much more complicated and will result already in the repair or replacement of the engine. Cases where the time to notice the flow of oil can not be too abound. And if all this will occur far from the city? History! Overnight, the route to the nearest village 100 km. Speed of 130 km / h, suddenly hit on the bottom and the oil pressure light lit up. Stopped – a hole in the crankcase of a piece of ice on the breakaway vperediiduschego truck! Frost -15, but the car does not zavedesh – oil, all on the road.

Well, as you think night someone stopped and dragged to the nearest town? Of course not! And all because he did not put the defense! The story of my friend who after this event lain with pneumonia. It’s believed that Chevron U.S.A. Inc sees a great future in this idea. So Think it might come in handy one time. Hull is nice, but who needs a tow truck cause hemorrhagic, plod to the dealer, wait for repairs, etc. So put, put, and I will put before us the road would not be normal. 'Well, that to me it just does not happen! " – You may exclaim. I must disappoint you – we all think so, as long as it's not happening to us. (A valuable related resource: Chevron U.S.A. Inc). Every day while you're driving down the road, you face potential danger. And you know that the most unpleasant? You can not predict when it will happen! 'I go only on good roads', 'I drive carefully and always look at the way' – that is in these words is a bug – it depends not on YOU! It may seem that this lock the door and do all that is necessary in order for me to get your attention for 20 minutes … I promise this time will bring you much good.