To succeed in our mission of communicating emotions, I recommend not get carried away by the momentum of the occasion, and much less if the emotions are overwhelmed or out of control, probably say or do things of which we arrepentiremos certainly, for this reason to pause and remove us temporarily until calm waters is an essential condition for being able to carry out a communication that we could label of effective, and non-violent. Then that a conscious effort has been made by quieting the emotions, is vital to get in touch with them and identify them to be able to express to the party involved in the communication process what we feel at that time at the rate of the event or circumstance which caused it. You can make use of pen and paper, write a letter to the person involved to which you have to express your feelings, in first person, this allows you make changes that you judge convenient before express yourself or send it, since it is valid any medium that we use to tell the other that it was what we feel, and how we love, with all the transparency and sincerity, and I respect, as needed. Sometimes, it may happen that the person is not ready to understand, nor understand your feelings or emotions, but we must stand firm to communicate what we feel, because, even though it may be that you for the other party such feelings have no reason of being, neither exist for us if they do, and the other party, if really is committed to that relationship, and you want a true communion and understanding, you will open your heart and your mind to try to understand the feelings of that person, to then proceed to give feedback that it considers necessary, right from your point of view, in the first instance through the dialogue and intelligent discussion, of two people committed to a common goal, improving the quality of the relationship, with the purpose of reaching agreements that both parties win, that the issue is what’s the relationships, play to win – win or simply there is no treatment.