But returning to the majority, there are certain things that we may have in mind to overcome that feeling of not living up to: Learn about the issue and recognizes you’re not alone, so avoid feeling isolated. Talk about it with people that you trust. Your partner, a friend, a mentor or coach to support you and help you to see things from another perspective. Always helps and is revealing to you realize how other people perceive to you (so as I find out that (1) I like to run risks, and (2) not only I am not a failure for leaving the investigation but that I am capable and intelligent enough to be researcher and professional coach and having my own business). What do I say it? You do not reject or ignore compliments or congratulations. If someone makes you a comment positive, creetelo! Make a list of things that will give you well and everything you’ve achieved to date and review it often. Be aware of your thoughts. If you find you thought you’ve been lucky to achieve that increase, a new customer or a published article, remember how hard you’ve worked for it. Accept that you don’t have to know all the answers, and that you have the same right as any other person to make mistakes, ask for help and having a bad day. Remember, the opposite of perfect is not imperfect, but real. I hope that this article will help you to realize that you are not a failure, or a fraud and that you’re not alone, nor much less! What do you think?