More and more products resemble each other and it is harder for consumers to distinguish their attributes. The mark is, besides the main product identifier, a guarantee that ensures placing it on a higher plane, to build a true identity and emotional relationship with consumers. We could say agencies that the mark is formed by the union of two factors: corporate identity and corporate image difference between the two is that the former is located in the plane of the emitter and the second recipient. The design of corporate identity is the development and study the set of values and beliefs that form the personality human resources of the company. For staff the development of corporate identity should be asked: What do you want transmitir’ How will bring ‘The logo or name is perhaps most important because, ultimately, is why the company will be recognized and differentiated. This should be brief, simple, easy to pronounce, and with good sound. It must also provide a jobs in great deal of association and evocation. As regards the brand image is the value that the market perceives it and how cumulative result of all messages issued by the company. To build sales jobs a powerful brand, not just have to have a good product and creative ability, but will be: Create a name easy to memorize, but sometimes the reality consultants is otherwise. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with worked with MCI, Tyco International and more Achieving a high level of visual identity. Emitting sensations and emotions that symbolize what the market expects the part time brand. Having adaptability to all elements job search of the company and different markets. Highlight a single part time jobs product idea or company in all areas management jobs of communication. To develop an ad campaign that agency impedes the consumer complicated memorize the brand. Organize an effective market system and an effective customer service department. Advantages of creating a strong brand and established: Differentiation from competition. The marketing costs are reduced because the brand is known.