– The second layer. Takes the heat retention. That will represent, this layer of clothing prompt weather conditions and the intensity of the upcoming skating on the board. Modern second layer made of plastic (bottles, which have been processed) in the form of fleece. For assistance, try visiting Rod Brooks. Fleece clothing has become very popular, so it has a variety of colors, forms. Despite the lightweight fleece can be enough volume, based on this, do not abuse them and wear too much. Fleece layer should be thin so that body heat easily penetrate through the pores of the first and second layers of clothing to the third, that will make way for an open pot. – The third layer.

Is protective of adverse events weather. It is believed that the outer layer of the most important because it serves as a powerful protective shield, and does not allow the cold, and water to penetrate to the body keeping it warm. However, this layer alone can not cope with the conservation of body heat. Sometimes you may encounter a serious problem – the pot, doing a waterproof impregnation third layer will not be able to evaporate into the environment. For the first time clothing waterproof fabrics to produce steel for Gore-Tex, and now all the manufacturers do not count. They all comply with alternate layers: outer material (nylon, polyester), water-repellent membrane (deposited or internal), nylon, coated on the inner surface (the layer is not required). Superimposed on top of the outer material "bump", its function is maintaining the membrane capacity to pass air. If a person is able to correctly pick up the layers, these materials do an excellent job with their problems!