In kitchens, a seamless work space adapted to measure is standard nowadays. But also in bathroom design it is now possible to produce its washing place on dimension. In many bathrooms there is often only a very simple and simply structured washing place, basically three parts: consists of washbasins, washbasin Cabinet and mirror. For minimalists would confined in the bathroom to the barest essentials, such washing place is sure enough. Many people desire but above all more storage space directly on the sink. You can easily access during the body care cosmetics, make-up, shaving and toilet utensils, use it and turn off. This comfort is not to reach with a standard wash area.

Therefore, bath has developed directly a wide range of seamless washing solution, where the sink and the side surfaces of a cast and individually tailored produced. According to bad planning and available space in the Bathroom, seamless washing places can be delivered up to 246 cm wide and equipped with single or double washbasin. Because when these washing places no joints or seams are between sink and shelf, jointless wash basins can be cleaned quickly and easily. To measure, there are washing places in rounded or rectangular design from acrylic, mineral casting or Tecnoril (Corian). There are various sink shapes and sizes available.

When the vanity base cabinets and all other high quality bathroom furniture and bathroom cabinets made of wood, which should complete the washing area, can be chosen from over 300 front and body colors. In addition to classic wood surfaces are all RAL colors such as black, red, yellow, or blue high gloss or Matt lacquered produced. It is not only the body, and the front panel into the desired surface / colour produced but also the edges. Jointless wash basins come not only for the bathroom renovation or the bad new for use, but can be subsequently integrated into already existing bathrooms.